i-Loads: Seamlessly connecting Load providers, Logistics Agents, Brokers and Transporters

Vellayan Lakshmanan,Co - FounderThe founder behind i-Loads has an interesting story to tell. The trigger came in when Vellesh Narayanan had sent a consignment of his own business to Gujarat from Pondicherry and it was supposed to reach in 6 days. To his disappointment, the consignment worth 25 lakhs failed to reach on time, even after a fortnight. Vellesh had absolutely no means to track the consignment. This naturally left him worried more because the consignment was worth a lot of money.

Subsequently, Vellesh discussed the incident with his cousin - Vellayan Lakshmanan Both of them began studying the logistics industry to find out if there was an opportunity to use technology to reduce cost and improve efficiencies across the logistics industry. That’s when i-Loads came in their minds. In 2015, i-Loads marked its beginning with a vision to organize the largely fragmented and unorganized Indian Trucking industry using integrated and innovative solutions.

Since inception, the company's focus has been on Technology, Finance and Aggregation. "We have developed an integrated technology platform to manage the physical flows, finance flows and information flows of a transaction. We capture the entire life cycle from customer acquisition to the last payment of a transaction seamlessly in a
single platform. We are the first in the market to provide transaction finance for trips under our Trip loan product," informs Vellesh.

i-Loads provide a range of tools on the cloud for the physical, financial and information management of the transportation business.

Integrated Solutions for Road Freight & Transport Sector
With a comprehensive suite of process and technology solutions for all the stake holders in the eco-system, i-Loads has online and mobile applications for the Load Providers, Transport Owners, Drivers and Vehicle despatchers. They also provide a range of tools on the cloud for the physical, financial and information management of the transportation business.

Committed to deliver a superior and reliable quality of services in the freight transportation, i-Loads offers solutions encompassing four products that includeiLoads Transport Network- A platform for connecting shippers with carriers across the country at the click of a button, Trip Loans-Structured financial credit to reduce the operational cost for truck owners,Wheels on Cloud-The ultimate transport management system for fleet owners, logistics agents and manufacturers to streamline their end to end logistics operation, and Optimization Engine The next gen optimizer tool to help increase operational efficiencies, rein in freight costs and increase the quality of road transportation in India.

"At the centre of all things,we are building a core data science
infrastructure to transform the current freight market to a real time responsive platform that constantly connects and communicates with all stakeholders involved he speaks.

Bringing a Change in the Transport Sector
i-Loads platform is transforming the industry from a hierarchical structure to a Network structure. The company claims to be able to reduce the average cost of truck hire charges by 25percent due to better allocation mechanisms and increasing the probability of return loads by removing information gaps.

With a team of over 240 people strong and growing the company today covers 20 hubs and are planning to be in 50 locations before June 2018. "We have over 16000 registered trucks 10000 registered drivers and over 600+ registered load providers in the platform till date," Vellesh avers.

Vellesh Narayanan, CEO & Managing Director

In the coming years, the focus of i-Loads is to significantly improve Truck utilization (asset utilization)in India and to ensure that the average truck owner in India enters a much better life. "We plan to achieve it through advancement of innovative technology, accessible and affordable finance and a much more transparent transport eco system through better business practices and processes," he concludes.