ImaginXP: Add Value to Your UX career

 Chinmoy Rajwanshi, Sonam Agarwal, Shashank Shwet & Vidhika Rohatgi ,Founders Every start-up has a story to tell. Pune based ImaginXP exemplifies the journey of a start-up to become a part of the digital wave trending in India. It was 2013 when ImaginXP came into being with a vision to contribute towards the development of the UX ecosystem in India. The founders of ImaginXP have been a part of the UX design fraternity since 2008, before UX design was a phenomenon that hit the Indian technology industry. As the product and digital economy in India started to grow, they realized that the UX design ecosystem also needs to grow for them to create world class digital products in this country. With the likes of banks, insurance companies, healthcare & pharma companies, retail, manufacturing and FMCG companies adopting to digital transformation in a big way, they wanted to be a part of the digital wave and contribute by providing well trained, efficient and job ready UX designers to the market. Thus, began the journey of ImaginXP - one of the leading UX design and Design thinking - training organizations today.

As one of the first movers in the space of UX design and Design Thinking training, ImaginXP has come a long way since its inception. Throwing light on the journey, Vidhika Rohatgi enthusiastically speaks, “When we started, we had only one training center in Pune but have now expanded pan India with 9 centres across major metros including Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Bangalore and Hyderabad in addition to Pune. One of the other factors pushing towards our growth has been the immense demand from corporates that
want to upgrade and enhance the skills of their employees making them ready to work in an increasingly digitalized world”.

The company has recently launched ImaginXP Academy, an employability training academy that aims at bridging the gap between academia and the industry.“We offer a full time 6-month program with a curriculum designed in collaboration with industry experts. Graduates are taught the core, technical and non-technical skills that employers are looking for based on the BEEDS framework of employability,” mentions Sonam Agarwal.

ImaginXP has recently launched ImaginXP Academy, an employability training academy that aims at bridging the gap between academia and the industry

Professional UX Design Certification Courses & Workshops
With generic and specialized UI and UX design courses, UX workshops, interaction design courses and courses of product management and design thinking, ImaginXP provides training at all levels from basic to intermediary and advance for individuals, corporates and college students.

They also conduct various 1-2days advance workshops for practicing professionals and senior leadership to upgrade their skills in UX design & Design Thinking. “At ImaginXP, we organize focused workshops to design all our curriculum called Curriculum lock down workshops. Industry experts, practicing UX designers and academia from leading design colleges in India, Europe, USA and other design hubs are brought together for a week-long workshop to design any new curriculum,” speaks Sonam Agarwal.

She further adds, "This process helps us leverage the expertise of the industry experts - understand the latest design trends, industry requirements and real-time processes and
combine it with the knowledge and teaching pedagogy of academia to create curriculum that is relevant and industry ready. We hold these workshops every quarter not only to develop new curricula but also to upgrade the existing curricula”.

Relevance, Skill Development and Employability
The company’s flagship course - UX Jumpstarter is a product of such a lockdown which is upgraded every quarter to remain industry relevant. This course helps all the aspiring individuals to make a career shift to the UX by making them job ready in just three months.

Centered around creating a connect between learners and industry, team ImaginXP takes immense pride in creating a unique curriculum customized for individual learners, corporates or college students.

“With more and more positive thoughts and dedicated effort at evangelizing, educating and training in UX design and Design thinking, we have been able enhance employability of individuals as well as enhance the skill set of corporate teams. In the years to come, we hope to be able to bring UX design and Design Thinking into all aspects of a corporation, government and our educational institutes,” concludes Shashank Shwet.

Founding Team
ChinmoyRajwanshi, Sonam Agarwal, Shashank Shwet, Vidhika Rohatgi, Founders

ImaginXP has created a certification score called the ImaginXP Design Quotient (IDQ), a qualitative evaluation framework of continuous assessment which takes into consideration various parameters such as – core design skills, tool skills, communication and behavioral attributes. Students are evaluated for every classroom session, assignments, tests and final design presentation and given a IDQ out of 10 which is weighted average of all these parameters.The DQ has now become one of the standard scores accepted across large organizations when hiring for the UX design teams.