Inbounderz India: Cost-Effective Digital Marketing that Brings Real Results

Sajil TG,Co-Founder

Sajil TG


A Sales & Marketing professional evolved into digital marketing specialist, Sajil TG has come a long way from where it all started. From making cold calls to meeting prospective clients face-to-face and trying out lead generation platforms that hardly had any relevance or connection. Back of his mind, Sajil always knew that the effective way to harness growth relied upon adapting effective digital marketing strategies that would impact the business to the next level. Mastering the art, Sajil completed his certification course in Digital Marketing, which further helped him apply the nuances to solve the real world business problems. That was just the start.

Unleashing the power of digital marketing for enterprises, on July 2017, Sajil alongside his friend & business partner, Nidhinraj Mavila, who is also an avid marketer, setup Inbounderz India, a digital marketing agency that offers cost-effective digital marketing solutions to businesses that bring real results. “The idea was to act on behalf of our clients to help them get leads and reach out to the right target audience, effortlessly,” avers Sajil, on an intriguing note.

The Journey of Persistence, Perseverance, and a Lot of Hard Work

Inbounderz India has had an exceptional journey, the one that exemplifies the true spirit of persistence, perseverance, and hard work. Since its inception days, the company has strived towards achieving excellence, where it offers quality and outcome-based services to its clients at a competitive price. Initially started with just two clients from Bengaluru, at present, the company provides digital marketing services to a plethora of clients across industries. “It was hard to convince clients during our initial stages since we were new in this burgeoning ecosystem. However, once they saw the real value of what we are delivering, things started to change,” shares Sajil.

Inbounderz India has had an exceptional journey, the one that exemplifies the true spirit of persistence, perseverance, and hard work

As a certified digital marketing company, Inbounderz India provides specialized services in Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ad Words(PPC – Pay Per Click), Website Development(creates responsive websites and revamping)and Video Production amongst others. “We do various ad campaigns for our clients to help them reach out to the right people, at the right place and the right time. For instance, we utilize the data that is being searched by the users(keywords) across multiple platforms to help our clients reach the prospects instead of showcasing it to anybody and everybody(random). It’s sort of like a filtration process, which filters the ad to real prospects and converts them into leads, thereby reaching maximum benefits,” explicates Sajil.

Nidhinraj Mavila, Co-Founder

Scale Your Business with Low-Cost Digital Marketing

Bengaluru based Inbounderz India consists of experienced professionals who are said to take digital marketing to another level. The team brings out-of-the-box solutions for its clients, where it creates and curates content & ads that boost the client’s online presence multifold.

Growing 2x times each passing year in terms of revenue and clients, the company has expanded its services to its clients in Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and the UAE. Interestingly, Inbounderz India has a good brand presence in Kerala, amongst startups and Govt. supported co-operative firms, where the company has garnered trust and recognition for its work over the years. In addition to this, it offers a low-cost digital marketing experience for its clients purely based on results, where the company has come up with introductory and flexible packages like Silver, Gold, and Platinum services to unleash the power of digital marketing. “Currently, we are establishing a strong foothold in Kerala, as there is a huge scope for us in helping enterprises take advantage of our digital marketing services,” concludes Sajil, assertively.