India Billboards: An OOH Game Changer

PratyushSinha,   Co-Founder & CEO
Team India Billboards

India Billboards’ genesis took place when Pratyush Sinha’s desire of breathing new life into the most pushed aside media platform OOH ensued. Knowing the industry for about 15 years, he has been delivering pure and conventional media planning and coaching through brand consultancy firm Brand and Hearts. While giving a look-see to the digital space, he realised that both marketing and digital media houses have debilitated the traditional methods ofbroadcasting & publishing as advertisers today do not want to spend much on Radio or print. Apprehending the scenario, Pratyush decided to institute a firm that could help companies scrutinize, track and develop the OOH planning, analyze as well as track it through technology. “India Billboards is a unique platform that enables clients to derive data points like numbers of vehicles crossing under the OOH displays, traffic demography of cost per eyeball and other such relevant statistics which helps them understand and fabricate desirable OOH media campaign,” states Pratyush.
The company has been marching forward and building robust relationships with the clients by upholding the perspective of keeping it real, evolving and adding value to their lives. To which Pratyush avers, “We abide by the philosophy that clients are our special business partners and so we spend ample time to not only understand their needs but subsume their suggestions and feedbacks too. We can proudly say that till date our clients have been very happy and contented with our services.” Hence, to enable this, India Billboards observes the three SAAS i.e. OOH Planner, OOH Analyser and OOH Campaign Tracker with which it is Conceptualizing, Designing and printing hoardings for campaigning and advertising.

"India Billboards is a unique platform that enables clients to derive data points"

The propitious and promising team of the company did pitch in to tackle all the stumbling blocks that it encountered in its initial days. Even today, they vivaciously confront any challenge that comes their way. Thus very buoyantly, India Billboards has achieved milestones like serving a Real Estates giant where it was assigned the task of analysing about 200 hoardings. Having the support of a proficient team, the company has grown significantly in past one and a half years.Hence, at the time of its inception, it was patronized by four great software punditz Poorva Bangad, Sanket
Vyahalkar, Harikrishnan G. and Saurabh Rakeja.

This team of five has with time proliferated size ably. Initiated with one hoarding, today it handles 1200 hoardings that are being tracked, planned and analysed. “India Billboards has made huge accomplishments and the credit goes to the hardworking team. Hence to honour them we have maintained a healthy work culture that upholds team Spirit & punctuality,” he says. Assuming advertisement to be the result of a remarkable idea merged with the best media platform, the company has set great plans for itself; it aims to expand its market to cities like Mumbai and Bangalore. It also aspires to close up to 15000 hoardings in tier 1 cities in the upcoming days. It also intends to take the OOH media to next century, not on an assumptive ROI metrics but with real and tech driven data analytics

In a nutshell, India Billboards is an out of home advertisement agency that brings media to common man. It is an online platform that allows individuals to plan their own OOH media to achieve marketing and advertising objectives. It is technically equipped agency that creates the data points and at the same time helps the client keep a track of the fruitful functioning of the campaign. “We at India Billboards provide detailed and analysed reports will all possible charts and graphs, measuring the success of the campaign,” he concludes.