Indo Green Enviro: Green Technologies for the Blue Planet

Rahul Shringarpure,MD
Rahul Shringarpure, MD

Indo Green Enviro,a pioneer in the marketing of environment-friendly Green technologies in India as well as middle-east has an active interest in the fields of waste recycling/tyre recycling, environmentally-friendly electricity generation, atmospheric water generation, Raw Water Purification, Fuel Catalysts for fuel saving,amongst others. The company structures complete solutions for the waste recycling needs of various industries. Since inception,it has done major work in the field of tyre waste recycling, wind and solar hybrid energy plants. “A part of a medium-sized diversified business group from Aurangabad, some stroke of events led us into investing into India’s first Bio-degradable plastics technology. That was our first tryst with Green technology. It was an uphill task getting the market to accept the requirement for biodegradable plastics. Hypercity, Mumbai was the first retail chain to partner with us. Later that technology was sold to one of the petroleum giants in the world. We realized the needs in the cleantech scene in the Country and
addressing the same. This marked the beginning of Indo Green Enviro,” explicates Rahul Shringarpure, MD,Indo Green Enviro.

"Indo Green Enviro stands for unparalleled technical competence coupled with the honest structuring of solutions"

The cleantech space is evolving at a faster pace than ever before and undoubtedly the awareness is way more than before. In such a fast-evolving marketplace, Indo Green stands committed to providing honest solutions and constantly strives to bring in the best technologies from across the globe and harness them to suit the Indian requirements. This has led the company to be a dominant player in the Used Tyres recycling arena in the Indian subcontinent. From time to time, team Indo Green Enviro has explored many environment-friendly appliances that can be of immense use for large-scale cleantech applications. Recently the Water ATM’s has been offered through our sister concern-Max Aqua. “We have set up water ATM’S in about 100+ villages across Karnataka in the last two years. This is just the beginning and we see 1000+ villages being serviced in the next five years,” mentions Rahul.

An Edge above Others
Indo Green Enviro stands for unparalleled technical competence coupled with the honest structuring of solutions. The company’s flagship offering is the used tyre
recycling plants which are also its core business. The number of projects it has completed is a testimony to technical prowess. Over the years,the company has developed partnerships with industry leaders from around the globe. “We have been able to structure solutions based on best core equipment from the West and the rest sourced from the best engineering minds from India. This is our contribution to the 'Make in India’ program. This ensures that all our solutions are technically and commercially blended to suit the Indian market, ”he adds.

Indo Green Enviro has always been on the forefront in offering the latest technology in all its solutions. All the plants have the state of the art instrumentation and automation. Due to its collaborations with world leaders, it has access to the latest engineering designs that makes the offerings future proof.

In the last 10 years, Indo Green has executed projects worth more than 100 crores. Currently, it partners with 6 companies across the globe. As it expands further, it is now open to investors and alliances with like-minded corporations who share a similar passion for the environment. “Our plans are to start license manufacturing of heavy equipment (that are imported right now) to make our offerings more attractive for the value conscious Asian buyers,” he asserts.