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Nisha Arora,CEO,Arun VohraDirector - OperationsWhen striving to become and exuberantly successful start-up business, a company is often accompanied with a roller coaster of highs and low. One might encounter unforeseen, unknown, and unique circumstances and challenges. In an increasingly competitive world, the key for any business to succeed is its ability to wisely react to those challenges and tackle the most promising opportunities that exist in the marketplace. A vital ingredient for achieving this goal is to have impregnable, reliable, and timely support. With all that in mind, our company incorporates all of these key features and many more. Indrasur Consulting Services ­a professional services IT BPO, enables customers with unmatched assistance and high-quality offshore outsourcing services.

ICS began in the year 2016 with a founding team of young entrepreneurs who set out to create a new-age company that combines client satisfaction with high employee morale to create a unique market identity. The company initially intended to provide smaller U.S. based IT companies with the opportunity to get all the benefits of having a remote team, without having to go through the hassle of developing one by the mselves. With steady enhancements, it is offering fully trained offshore resources to support their business development operations and give them higher quality results at a lower cost. Using collective requirement gathering, critical thinking, and advanced solutions, our company offers a modern take on extensive BPO services to support a wide range of business development initiatives. Our service offerings include Bid & Proposal Development, Business Analysis & Research, Graphic & Web Development, Systems Administration, Recruitment & Staffing, and Operations & Administrative Support. Our clients have benefitted majorly with the turn-key solutions that we provide that support their various business goals, as well as our promise to fulfil the customer's needs no matter what.

ICS as an Organizational Structure
The company structures its solutions, strategies, initiatives, and policies on six fundamental core values: Impact, Nobility, Delivery, Reliability, Adaptability, Strength, Unity, and Respect. The eight core beliefs ensure the best possible services to the clients. We, as a company, are basing all of our deliverables on these core values every time a client receives our work. We lead by example and expect nothing less from every single person on our team. The level of ethics each employee has also calls
for the overall perpetuation of positivity and goodwill among the team, clients & community. With these out breaking solutions & a high performing team, ICS has grown nine-fold in the short span. Its projects have increased from hundreds a month, to a few thousand per month. At this state of rapid growth, many new developments are in the works, with the most important one being the expansion of office space to support the eminent development trajectory. ICS is also on the verge of increasing the workforce by an additional 50 percent to support the growing demands of the clients. Additionally, ICS is augmenting the offerings into multiple other industries, including software development, network administration, and HR management to drive the business to the next level.

Arun VohraDirector - Operations

ICS as an Eminent Employer
Employee satisfaction and their level of work ethic are at the heart of ICS' beliefs. It is one key feature to our company that best defines a positive and healthy environment for everyone. A well-rounded staff often solves all the issues that hinders a company's growth, and we have seen that first-hand here at ICS. Prioritizing them is at the forefront of all our policies and initiatives. We firmly believe that ensuring workforce happiness will lead to increased productivity, immense client support, and business growth. ICS is committed to providing long-term career opportunities and highly values them with a certain level of flexibility and stability, with the only expectation of excellence in the work for clients.

ICS is committed to inspirational ideals, innovative operations, and the integration of both to create an individual market identity of excellence to strive for the collective success for our team and clients

The young leadership team of ICS incorporates an innovative, millennial mindset, in addition to industry expertise. This balance of young minds and experienced individuals creates a stable work environment that both boosts morale and creates high-quality service. The team is thoroughly trained and ready to be seamlessly integrated into the client's established business structure. With teamwork, the ability to navigate through challenges, empowering team members, and constantly striving for excellence, makes ICS a key player in the domain.

Overall, ICS has successfully created an efficient work environment for both employees and clients. From supporting the staff with cab facilities, security, on-time payment, appraisal, performance bonus, referral bonus, excellence & merit awards, and many more offerings, we are powering a sense of satisfaction in their minds. Immensely motivated by the success & humbled by the journey so far, ICS plans to take all these principles and continue to reach new heights.

The Service Portfolio
• Bid & Proposal Development
• Business Analysis & Research
• Graphic & Web Development
• Systems Administration
• Recruitment & Staffing
• Operations & Administrative Support