Infinitive Host: Unlimited Quality Web Hosting Services

Kuldeep Singh Negi,   C EO

Kuldeep Singh Negi, Founder

For the last 10 years or so, Kuldeep Singh Negi’s professional stint revolved around working closely in the web hosting industry. During this tenure, he perceived several client satisfaction issues and lack of transparency that mostly the clients encountered. This made him understand the value of uninterrupted web hosting support and services as the need of the hour. Without much impediment, he conceived the idea of launching a company that would treat customer satisfaction as a priority and offer them world-class web hosting services. This marked the beginning of Infinitive Host.

Known to be one of the leading server hosting companies that offer affordable hosting services with world-class support, Infinitive Host has data centres across the US, UK, Europe and Asia. The company provides comprehensive tools that make business hosting hassle-free. “Our presales team resolves all the client queries and
doubts at the start and then delivers a product which comes up as per their expectations. Along with this, we also give excellent support in terms of the technicalities. Our technical team always tries to help and assist on all issues with instant Skype support,” says Kuldeep Singh Negi.

"Since inception in 2017, the company has registered an exponential growth in terms of revenue, workforce and geographical presence"

Carving a Niche
The web hosting industry at present is undergoing a transformation of change with the emergence of new cloud and hosting players that are offering cheap cost hardware. The lacuna exists when it comes to supporting services. Infinitive Host ensures to offer stable and cheap hardware with good support to its clients. Kuldeep says, “We believe in creating a hassle-free web experience for the customers. Our technical team will extend their hand to fight against hackers and spammers and pushes the business to get full potential.”

Despite being a startup, Infinitive Host has a stable sales and technical team that constantly strives to set a stronger foothold in the market. “We are not only adding Indian clients but also covering the foreign market. We have added the many US and Europe based clients and we are
blessed with positive feedbacks. As far as revenue is a concern, we are achieving new heights each year and getting bigger and bigger,” mentions Kuldeep.

The Growth
Since inception in 2017, the company has registered an exponential growth in terms of revenue, workforce and geographical presence. The growth is further strengthened by a dedicated team in sales, support and digital marketing who leaves no stone unturned to get maximum clients and yield results from the services it offers.

In the years to come, team Infinitive Host has plans to expand its offices in other cities other than Jaipur to get better reach ability among clients. They are further trying to add more products to give more options to our clients. “We have a separate research team which used to work on new technologies so now we are setting up new applications and technology to give more services to our clients. Also, we are collaborating with tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft and many others to expand our products and services,” he asserts. “We have done an agreement with many reputed data centres as well to provide cheap hardware to our clients with our support and services. We are not only covering the Indian market but also covering global web hosting and cloud market,” concludes Kuldeep.