Infrovate:Executing with Innovative Technologies in the Infrastructure Sector

Mayank Manish,CEOA fast growing newly expanded highway infrastructure network coupled with the need to effectively collect toll and satisfy road users, presents unique challenges to technology providers, resulting in a clarion call for quality-focused technology solutions built for the long haul. Seeing the alluring opportunities in the Indian market, several global IT services companies set up their operations in India to deliver professional solutions, but they struggled to offer localized solutions. While a lot of local players are emerging from the shadow to size a part of the pie of this business, Infrovate Consulting and Solutions stands a cut above the rest with its dexterity of providing Made-in-India software solutions and professional services for the infrastructure sector.

Debuted in 2013, the young company is a new age, innovative and cutting-edge technology solutions provider in the
infrastructure industry. The company’s prime focus of attention revolves around providing Toll Management Systems, Electronic Toll Collection, RFID-based Access Control and Highway Traffic Management Solutions.

Built with a vision to offer innovative, reliable and quality-focused technology solutions in the industry, the company leverages the vast IT talent pool available in Bangalore, the Indian Silicon Valley, to deliver best-of-breed solutions to its esteemed customers.

Mayank Manish, the company’s CEO, says “We have invested in people, quality and processes to bring a right balance of innovation to the forefront in a manner that would benefit our clients, company and our employees. The road has been challenging, but we are setting the standard high.

A change is needed in the industry. People have to understand the implication & importance of quality. We have to be the agent of change.” The company’s virtue of knowledge and experience in the sector has empowered it to compete effectively against larger IT companies.

Infrovate has seen success with their model of building solutions on top of their exclusive partnerships with some of the best providers in the market. The company is currently busy implementing their Toll Management System in plazas across the Eastern Region in India
and has had a phenomenal start with their participation in the fast evolving ETC program in the country. According to Venkat Chunduru, COO, “My focus is to deliver on the challenging and large scale projects that Infrovate is now implementing. The focus is to deliver quality and create a professional and reliable system & service setup that has never been experienced by the industry before”.

“With the launch of our Made in India Toll Management Solution – Infrovate seems set for major growth, as more clients continue to express interest in our offerings. Infrovate is the future – for all niche needs of our client base,” says Arvind Devaraj, Head – Sales & Alliances.

Infrovate follows an open and flexible work ambience within the organization. The firm provides trainings to the new entrants at regular interval to keep them abreast with the latest technologies. The company also allows them to experiment in its in-house full-fledged lab to create out-of-the-box solutions.The vision of the company appears well aligned with the progressive areas of focus also. Infrovate is now setting itself up to cater to the growing demand in Internet of Things (IOT) and will play a pivotal role in the technology aspects of Smart Cities as we see more of these cities emerge.