Innocito : Developing an Inclusive Workplace Dedicated to Employee Success

 Bhagawati Manukonda,  Co-Founder & CEO

Bhagawati Manukonda

Co-Founder & CEO

As technology innovation continues to revamp every business industry, the demand for innovative minds and skilled professionals capable of creating forward-thinking solutions for simplifying business is also rising. With companies competing to secure the best talent with lucrative packages and perks, retention has become tricky, necessitating firms to level up their strategies and foster a nurturing environment where employees feel valued and seen.

Companies that encourage an atmosphere that is conducive to employee growth and success are in demand, and this is where Innocito, a Visakhapatnam based IT solutions firm delivering exceptional digital engineering solutions, shines. Not just client-centric, Innocito has emerged as an equally employee centric company, recognized as one of the best places to work at in this industry.

Fostering Ethical Work Culture

As a company known for exceeding client expectations with its cuttingedge solutions in digital engineering, adapting and evolving to stay at the forefront of market trends, Innocito is also preferred among clients and employees alike for focusing on ethical business practices. Focusing on building a culture of continuous growth and development, the firm has established a structured framework along with mentorship programs and diverse opportunities for skill enhancement, which incentivise team members to pursue career aspirations as they also contribute to the company’s collective success.

“We place a strong emphasis on employee growth and development through a variety of
initiatives. We have established centers of excellence for various technologies such as AI, cloud, and digital. As part of these initiatives, we organize monthly workshops, training sessions, and seminars both internally and externally. These events provide opportunities for skill enhancement, knowledge sharing, and professional networking, supporting employees in their career advancement, whether through promotions or lateral moves”, shares Bhagawati Manukonda, Co-Founder & CEO.

Beyond skill enhancement, the company also attracts and retains top talent by offering a holistically beneficial employee experience. Through its distinctive HR policies, the company has established a culture of work-life balance, offering employees hybrid work options, flexible work timings, and attractive vacation time. Furthermore, the company prioritizes employee well-being, for which it provides exhaustive well-being and health benefits which include 100 percent health insurance coverage, mental health support, an ergonomic workspace, preventive health screenings, and more.

Through its exceptionally attractive salaries and benefits package employees not only receive highly competitive and handsome compensation, but also numerous opportunities to advance their careers. A vibrant and inclusive work environment, a supportive culture where employee contributions and success is celebrated is the cornerstone of Innocito’s employee engagement practices. Furthermore, the firm also adopts a respectful exit strategy consisting of interviews with the employees to facilitate a seamless and supportive transition.

“We prioritize creating an exceptional people experience. Our policies emphasize flexibility, inclusivity, and personalized benefits, fostering a supportive and empowering workplace where every employee can thrive. Employee experience is tracked quarterly, allowing us to gather valuable feedback and insights to continuously improve our workplace environment and policies”, further shares Rakesh Polisetty, Co-Founder & CDO.

Future Roadmap

As the company builds its future roadmap for employee engagement, it is gearing up to incorporate and leverage more advanced communication tools like VR, meeting platforms, and others to boost collaborations. Furthermore, Innocito aims to provide personalized career development plans for employees based on their unique career goals. Apart from this, the firm is also planning to invest in inventive learning initiatives like gamified training modules, prioritize employee well-being through mindfulness workshops and versatile work arrangements, refine its diversity and inclusion efforts and improve mentorship programs alongside peer-to-peer recognition platforms and rewarding top performers to create a supportive and motivational environment.

Through these versatile strategies, Innocito is on the way to build a vibrant workplace where employees are driven to grow.