Ino-Solar Energy: Safe Energy at Affordable Cost

Unmesh Jagtap,  CEO & Director

Unmesh Jagtap, CEO & Director

When talking about the current renewable sector in India, the biggest challenge is lack of education and awareness among the clients. Simultaneously, there exist quite a number of non technical and in experienced service providers who unfortunately mess up the image of Solar as a whole due to failures in performance. Pertaining to this competition, the market is becoming more like a commodity market and the price war is essentially hampering the quality where the ultimate sufferer is the end customer. For any quality conscious and proper technical service provider, it is becoming all the way more difficult to convince clients about the importance of better design, good quality BOM and best EPC practices when the comparison is only made on basis of price given by a non-technical competitor.

Pune based Ino-Solar Energy, a company with a mission to enlighten lives of each and every Indian by providing clean and safe energy at affordable cost, offers holistic solutions to clients based on their needs, budget, ROI and by prioritizing the pain points in Energy usages. The company has a corporate policy of not compromising on any quality in
design, procurement as well as execution.

The company has developed tailor made financial models for clients which includes CAPX, BOOT or OPEX Model against PPA (Power Purchase Agreements) and Hybrid Models with Deferred payments. "This gives the client to weight out advantages and savings in all options and selects the proper model which suits best to their financial situation," speaks Unmesh Jagtap, CEO & Director.

The Inception Idea
Ino-Solar is the brainchild of Unmesh Jagtap and Bipin Shah."I had studied my Masters in Renewable Energy at University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA. There was a first Solar Energy Centre established at University of Florida which was headed by Dr. Yogi Goswami. I had a privilege to work with him for Solar Energy related research on various new areas," says Unmesh.

Bipin Shah has his own firm in USA ( Win Build Inc.) which does consulting to US Department of Energy for various new technologies in Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Area. "Bipin and Dr. Goswami had worked jointly on various programs organized by US DOE and UN in Africa and India. As a hardcore Indian, Bipin wanted to start some work in India to use the knowledge and technologies and was then referred to me by Dr. Yogi,"he adds. Together, Unmesh and Bipin decided on strategy to form a new venture to offer all possible solutions to client in Energy Conservation ranging from Solar Energy Projects, Solar MicroGrids, Small Solar DC Home Kits, Power Optimizers, Energy Auditing and Cool Roofs. This marked the
beginning of Ino-Solar.

Over the years, Ino-Solar has come a long way from where it all began. "We have completed more than 3 MW of Solar Roof Top Projects and signing agreements with International Investment Funds for aggressively executing projects in India and Africa,' he asserts. Ino-Solar has started a new joint venture with in Concentrated Solar Thermal Power (CSP) for process Steam required in Textile, Foodand Farma Industries and Sugar Factories. It is also partnering with Prettl GMBH, Germany for Distribution and Service of REFUsol Make Solar Inverters and would further establish a well equipped Service and Test Centre in India for them.

Recently, Ino-Solar has successfully installed Smart Power Optimizer( Patented Product developed under Make in India drive by Ino-Solar in association with Empores LLC, USA )at 4 AMUL Icecream Parlors in Ahmadabad and succeeded in achieving20-35 percent savings in net electricity bill for all Parlor Owners. This is one of the milestone achievements by Ino-Solar as the mission of the company is to provide latest technologies for the common consumer and not limit them only for the more privileged and high end consumers.

In the coming years, the company would be focusing on increasing product and technology portfolio, associating with top quality suppliers and technology partners, providing high end technology with tailor made Financial Models for execution. "We are working towards Launching IPO in Indian Stock Exchange by year 2022,' he concludes.