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Ajeet Boparai,Founder & Director

Ajeet Boparai

Founder & Director

With human attention span dropping from 12 seconds in 2000 to eight seconds in 2013, it has become more crucial for anyone to create the best attention seeking story. And if not, ‘loss’ is yours. This is why companies who understood the importance of engaging web and mobile applications are seeking to partner with such services providers who can create innovative web and mobile applications to keep customers engaged, and further transmute it into business. Insonix – the brain child of Ajeet Boparaj, is one such startup that has been doing so since its inception in 2011. The company has successfully served diverse group of clients helping them reach new markets, improve productivity and reduce cost by developing innovative & engaging web & mobile applications; thus having 96 percent recommendation rate.

Helping Clients Scale New Heights

Emphasizing on improving existing service delivery rather than doing the ‘next big thing’, Insonix is a perfect accomplice to create applications for those who aspire to scale in size in mid to long term. Perceiving customers as the most decisive stakeholder in the product
advancement life cycle, Insonix is driven by three distinctive elements
- striving for excellence, technology adaptability and customer focus. The company has remarkable knack in the ground of Reliable software, Cross-platform Integration, Intuitive UI designing, secures applications, Server management, Domain and Hosting for industries ranging from banking to health environment & safety, maintenance repair overhaul for airlines, search listings, e-Commerce and social networks.

Commanding in providing high quality IT solutions in diverse business areas, the company also provides cost effective global support by its offshore partners across India and other countries

Commanding in providing high quality IT solutions in diverse business areas, the company also provides cost effective global support by its offshore partners across India and other countries.Specialties in terms of Java, spring, Hibernate, Android, Flex, JQuery, Grails, Web Design, iPhone, PHP and much more, Insonix also delivers creative effective web designs and solutions that reflects quality, need and vision of its clients regularly.

The Gene of Genius

Grew up in a farming community with a dream to create enormous technological advancements in India, Ajeet visualized doing whatever he could to make things better for himself and people at
large. Inspired by his father’s traits, Ajeet inherited entrepreneur skills from him akin to business intelligence, being an astute accountant, cultivating
relationships, visionary and much more. Ajeet Boparai, Founder, Insonix says, “My biggest strength is the vision and faith in a better tomorrow and my biggest achievement has been in finding the right people and partners who have worked hard and toiled for making Insonix what it is today”. Polished by a dynamic and experienced psyche of over 70 squads who possess the right balance of talent, youth and experience who share high moral value and common vision, Insonix squads includes java & flex professionals, systems administrator, tester, business analyst, web designers and many more.

However, lack of encouragement from society, raising capital and high bank interest rate followed Ajeet as his shadow. But with his family support and investment, he successfully overcame the traumas. “Apart from my family, my biggest strengths have been my vision and faith in a better tomorrow, and the ability to remain motivated even in the most difficult circumstances & losses,” adds Ajeet.

Future Roadmap

Fruitfully accomplished its ISO certification as a foremost stride, Insonix aspires to be running this quality administration framework consistently to quantify outcomes against targets and remain making small improvements over the forthcoming years. The company also envisions being the most preferred quality software development and resourcing partner globally.