InstaPract: Solution to Patient Health Record (PHR) & Telehealth




Health and wealth go hand in hand in life.
So, taking care of the health is primary to earn wealth. Healthcare as industry has
spread its wings over the last 10 years and today, we have platforms covering almost every aspect of healthcare products and services. The valuation of the global healthcare industry is estimated to reach
an amount of $132.84 Bn by the year of 2022. The world’s largest government funded healthcare scheme, Ayushman Bharat was launched on September 23, 2018.
Gem3sTechnologies Private Limited is basically an Offshore Dedicated Center (ODC) which has provided help to a lot of its customers who were looking for an extended development wing and while working on a few healthcare projects, the founding team was able to decipher that not every tele health solution available
in the market does what is required. The team further researched deeper and were able to analyse that where a lot of vendors in the healthcare sector but working towards a single solution is not properly addressing the primary challenges of the industry owing to various reasons.
“Like every industry has a pain points, Health Care Industry does have its own pain point and we have started to work on one of it and this is where we got the idea of InstaPract”, says Moses E A, Co Founder.

The Hurdles to Cross
The Indian healthcare industry is currently exposed to an ocean of opportunities where healthcare providers are reinventing existing delivery models in order to bring healthcare closer to patients. There are various challenges pertaining to the healthcare sector right from the managing the patient records to digitalizing. “The most important pain points which we are working are digitalization of patient health record, giving a better patient experience (out
patients), telemedicine(Integrated Solution) and reducing the use of skilled staffs on some monotonous job”, says Kiruba Joseph, Director- UI / UX.
As InstaPract is a product of Gem3s, since its inception it has been progressing at a good speed and marching forward on the right direction. “Initially we saw a lot of tractions and is closely working with few major health care organizations in India, USA, UAE, KSA, Nigeria etc on implementation of the product. Our USP is simple, Patient will own their records and this solution of ours facilitates it”, says Rosario R, Director.

How InstaPract Functions
The company is positioned well as the problem which it is focusing on is something which is ahead of what things are happening and
definitely going to help create a disruption in the healthcare sectors in a country like
India. InstaPract has a few paying customers and is constantly growing. “We have established our presence in Chennai where the development centre is also located and we are expanding our presence in the GCC regions”,
says Michael Allwyn M, Director, Business Operations.

InstaPract is gaining attention in the GCC Markets and in India Market by participating in various programs where the company tries to educate the need of digitising Health Records

The Journey Ahead
InstaPract has planned a simple roadmap for the future that lies ahead of it. It is on the verge of operating from both Software as a Service (SaaS) as well as On Premise Model very soon. Expressing the road ahead for InstaPract, Herald Desosa, Director, Financeconcludes, “Our road map is to provide
our service to other regions and states in India and in the APAC Region.”