Inteliment: Unraveling the Hardship of Decision Making Through Business Intelligence

Prashant Pansare,,Managing Director

Prashant Pansare,

Managing Director

Business Intelligence (BI) is the need of the hour, as today’s organizations rely on it for translating data into valued information for prompt decision making and to achieve business strategic Goals. Due to evolution in data science, big data has opened up opportunities for simplification of data mines and diligent engineering. The potential in the arena inspired Prashant Pansare, Managing Director of Inteliment to start the journey in BI, resulting in the inception of the company in 2004. By sharpening its focus on analytics, the entity has acquired 70+ Fortune clients across sectors like Telecom, Retail, Manufacturing, BFSI, Hi-Tech and many more.

Innovation approach in building Data Driven Analytical Applications

A niche player, Inteliment is evolving its offerings by building innovative Data-Driven-Analytical Applications. Inteliment has established Inteli-Labs, a managed Innovation Centre—that engages in Value Co-creation for our key Customers and Partners. Inteli-Labs are equipped with a wide cross-section of technologies in Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) with strong subject
matter knowledge – supported by its strategic alliances with leading technology vendors and business consulting firms with an access to Industry Insights. Inteli-Labs has recently developed a comprehensive Data Science Framework - ‘Gnomon’ that simplifies Data Science and enables Decision-Making Acceleration.

Inteliment is evolving its offerings by building innovative Data-Driven-Analytical Applications and has established Inteli-Labs, a managed Innovation Centre.

Gnomon Data Analytics Engine is Inteliment’s unique IP that is based on its decade plus of experience with multiple and complex analytics solutions and services engagements. Gnomon Analytics Engine makes it easy for enterprises – adopting big data solutions first time or in the scaling up phase with – Visual Discovery & Data Exploration, Predictive Modeling, Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing based Algorithms to analyze Structured,Semi-structured and Unstructured data in search of valuable business insights.

Inteliment’s Gnomon encapsulates a set of Data-Driven Analytical Solutions, Tools, Techniques & Infrastructure that enables customers to Innovate, De-risk and Excel. Gnomon is built on sophisticated NLP and Machine Learning based technology, Hadoop, Python and Django Framework.
One of Gnomon’s anchor customers in the telecom domain has deployed Gnomon on its crowd sourcing application built for enhancing the ‘Digital Customer Experience’ in real time, by helping business users simplify Model creation and testing process, and providing instant insights with intuitive visualizations to discover hidden patterns, sentiments and buying behaviors. Inteliment is also launching the community edition of Gnomon in Q3-2016.

Work-Life Essence

Culture of this prudent organization consists of innovating futuristic solutions through thought-exchange and working across borders with customers. It encourages such career progression that big data aspirants can join as ‘Data Scholars’ and move up to become ‘Data Scientists’ in a shorter span than what the industry can offer. Inteliment has developed an ‘Analytics Leadership Program’ that provides abundant learning opportunities in techno-functional areas across diverse industry domains using its proven Rapid Prototyping Methodology to develop innovative solutions. Inteliment has also encouraged tie-ups with leading B-Schools to offer Management Development Programs to its employees.

With its 150-member strong team in India, Australia and Singapore, Inteliment is now aiming at growing its footprint in Europe and U.S. region in this year. Inteliment is opening its 2nd Development Center and Lab in Pune in June this year, and will be doubling its headcount with an increased focus on Bigdata, IoT, Mobility and Cloud areas.