InventOcean: Engineering Marvels in the Floating Solar Infrastructure of India

Rahul Kanotra,Founder & Director

Rahul Kanotra

Founder & Director

Every ambitious vision has its own set of challenges. With India's massive and fastest projects on floating solar plants, the need for substantial engineering and planning has been greatly felt. Exceptional design and engineering is required for these floating solar plants to survive the most severe expected storms and overcome various transportations, and installation challenges in marine environments.

With all kinds of hardships, Floating Solar plants in India are still poised to have exceptional growth due to the presence of a large number of available reservoirs, and a great impetus given by the Indian Government for going green. As such, a newbie but phenomenal startup, InventOcean Technologies, based in Jaipur, is well placed in bridging the gap between much-needed floating solar infra-structure and engineering marvels to build it.

Customized Mooring & Anchoring Solutions
InventOcean's endeavor started when the company's founder, Rahul Kanotra, finding his calling in the center of research facilities in IIT Madras where he researched Floating Offshore/Ocean Technology as a graduate
student. The passion further got fuelled, when Rahul re-searched multiple ocean technologies including ice-breaking FPSOs for the arctic, Innovative Dry Tree Semi-Submersible platforms, Off-shore Wind Energy platforms, Floating breakwaters to name a few.

The stint continued with ONGC, EPCI contractor McDermott, Engineering and Installation of Papa Terra (South America's first TLP installation), supporting the team during offshore installation campaigns on Derrick Barges, and many more. With such a rich experience, it was palpably a passionate decision of starting InventOcean Technologies, specifically dedicated to working in the field of renewable energy in India; floating solar/offshore wind, and provide installation engineering and naval architecture services to the oil and gas industry in India and Abroad.

Customized Mooring and Anchoring Solutions in Floating Solar projects

With an ambitious team of engineers and researchers, the company is changing the strides of this field by providing Mooring and Anchoring engineering solutions, one such marvel being providing solutions for 5 floating solar projects with a total capacity of more than 100 MW. Invent-Ocean provides clients an intelligent and customized design. The company also helps them wisely choose the installation fleet and advises them with the most suitable weather windows for installation based on the analysis. Further, the company is well equipped with the advanced mooring and anchoring design of floating solar plants that can survive more than 25 years of design life.

Building the Bridge
InventOcean stands tall in pioneering the dissipation of massive engineering challenges that comes when the projects are of national and international importance. The company values the importance of sound engineering and strives to operate on understanding each project cycle, avoiding future re-work, finding indigenous solutions, and automating repetitive tasks. These values have been recognized by the fact that this company is providing engineering expertise and designing mooring systems for several Floating solar projects of national importance which will be commissioned in the coming few years.