IOanyT Innovations: Tailoring IoT Solutions

Nitin Goel & Atin Agarwal,Co-FoundersOver the years, there has been a phenomenal change in the communication and networking sector where it has evolved from the slow 2G network to VoLTE. Being a part of this telecommunication journey for a long time, Nitin was very much part of this development and this evolution further acquainted him with the other facets of connectivity. On another side, At in who had been working in the technology domain for 20 years realised the potential of technology and knew what different aspects of technology can achieve. These two industry professionals when came together and exchanged their domain knowledge, both of them realized a whole new dimension of applications which are still at a nascent stage in this India. This inspired them to explore the technology arena and combining their knowledge and expertise, they decided to foray into the entrepreneurial world with their dynamic venture-IOanyT Innovations.

Based in Noida, IOanyT Innovations is a custom IoT & software services solution provider. "IoT enabled devices generate enormous amount of new age oil(data) which enables organizations to get real-life insights into their products and continuously improve them by blending AI/ML technologies into it. This oil can be game changer for enterprises while on the other side such smart devices provide convenience, control, efficiency to its users. Future mantras like Conservation, Communication, Control, Convenience all
merged in smart devices inspired us to the founding of IOanyT Innovations," says Nitin Goel, Co-Founder, IOanyT Innovations.

Focused on developing custom solutions for an organization's real-life pain area with respect to its products and services, IOanyT offers consulting services to them in order to help understand the pain-points whereby it designs, develops and deploys tailored solutions for the specific need. Operating in the niche B2B segment, IOanyT has emerged as a one stop shop with the capability of designing & developing entire hardware from scratch including PCB using different sensors & micro-processors. IOanyT's offerings encompasses Hardware, Software as well as Cloud that makes it a distinct and complete solution provider as most of players offer only one of the three facets of IoT. Apart from the wide range of services that it furnishes, IOanyT Innovations has also developed three products a swell; IOswitch- catering to the media sector, Inspect Way- addressing the needs of VT in various sectors and BMS - for EV manufacturers. At present, it works in various sectors ranging from Smart Transportation, E-Vehicles, Smart Lighting, Robotics, Water Management, Agriculture and Solar Energy to Mining, Ware-house Management, E-commerce, Consumer Appliances and Vehicle manufacturers. "Each sector has its own challenges cropping up from its products, machines, sensors & tons of data being generated that currently is not connected & integrated in a meaningful way. At IOanyT Innovations, we assist businesses in managing the same by giving them solutions that perfectly suits their requirement," says Atin Agarwal, Co-Founder, IOanyT Innovations.

IOanyT innovations continuously innovating itself and incorporating upcoming tech requirements into its solution proposal while also training its talent pool with the new-age technologies

Universally, IoT most often implies to Home Automation (such as lighting and security), but IOanyT Innovations visions to innovate for challenges associated to older methods & technologies of varied sectors including future technologies. As with the evolving landscape of the IoT technology, IOanyT is continuously innovating and incorporating upcoming tech requirements like BigData, AI/ML, Data Science & Blockchain into its roadmap while also training its talent pool with these new-age technologies. "Our short term is to become a leading IoT solution provider in the country and in the long run we intend to scale even greater heights where IOanyT will become synonymous with IoT solutions globally," they conclude.