ioGenies: Delivering the Next-Gen Designing Solutions for IoT Product Development

Suhas Jain,Founder & Director

Suhas Jain

Founder & Director

Launching a new business in the time of a pandemic, when many businesses are failing to sustain, needs a lot of courage, strength, and dedication to deliver. ioGenies Solutions being one such company started to function in 2020 with a vision to provide everyone a better world to live in.

It is a product design company, specialized in IoT product development providing end-to-end next-generation product design capabilities required for IoT device developments. The company was started by a bunch of tech enthusiasts with an intent to explore limitless boundaries of IoT after carrying out enough groundwork and years of learnings.

The immense experience of ioGenies' management acquired from different organizations, allowed them to enhance technical and administrative skills required for huge IoT product deployments. The company develops computing devices with advanced algorithms enabling devices with required artificial intelligence to make self-decisions.

The company offers services such as electronics hardware design, board support packages, device applications, edge analytics along mobile and web applications. These best-in-class services are offered to varied domains like equipment monitoring, asset
tracking, vehicle telematics, logistics, energy monitoring, and wearables. Armed with astounding expertise in providing IoT solutions ioGenies' team is composed of experts from hardware, product engineering, BSP, firmware, web, and mobile applications.

The company believes in having an open and agile way of working. It understands and acknowledges the importance of having a conducive and safe work culture. Therefore, every member in the organization is well accustomed to the values of ioGenies and strives to display those through work, attitude, and approach. The team at ioGenies carries out frequent branstoriming sessions around technical and casual, informal topics.

The immense experience of ioGenies' management acquired from working in different organizations, allowed them to learn both technical work with multiple IoT projects and managing teams, customer interactions, make business proposals

It drivesin building a learning environment and motivates everyone to be creative with their work and remain focused on providing the right direction and guidance. The work policies are simple, flexible, follow industry practices, and conform to all regulatory norms designed for the benefit of the team. Also, the strong relationship among the teammates helps to scale ioGenies' performance to the next level at a faster pace than imagined.

Headquartered in Pune, Maharasthra, ioGenies with a team of more than fifteen members, believes in empowering its workforce through hard work, effort and by rectifying and learning from mistakes. mWith strong creativity support and out-of-the-box thinking, the company wishes to develop nextgen IoT products. It also has many accomplishments in terms of developing some very interesting concepts on wearables, automotive, and industrial IoT.

It is also aiming to boost its elite clientele on board from the fortune 500 company, the largest Indian auto-motive OEM, and start-ups in Singapore and the USA. It is determined to continue its focus on IoT development in niche areas of health care, wearable, and automotive along with investing in acquiring the required skills, tool development, as well as imparting or obtaining the necessary training required to flourish in the long run.