iQuench: Unparalleled & Unadulterated Quality Drinking Water at the Doorstep

Divya Yachamaneni,   CEOThousands have lived without love; Not one without water”, WH Auden. The quirkiness of Auden reminds us how important water is for life and that some times to love or to care, is not a feeling but an act of DOING.

Water is important for social fairness, environmental stability, and cultural diversity. Packaged drinking water is a serious business in a country where sufficient and safe drinkable water is not available everywhere. In the earlier days, water from wells and springs was considered to be safe to drink. However, the tradition and technique of serving drinking water in India have evolved considerably during the previous decades. The widespread of bottled water, or "packaged drinking water", about a decade ago, altered the tradition of serving and consuming drinking water. Moreover, greater awareness among India's growing population about the significance of safe drinking water for optimum health, along with dramatic growth in per capita income, is driving the demand for bottled water.

In a market that already has 150+ registered brands, 3000+ bottled water manufacturing units, an array of home water filters to choose from and a potable water market that is 10 times larger than the bottled water - one might wonder what is the need for another packaged water product? The answer is simple! iQuench is as unique as its tagline - “iQuench is Good for you, Good for Society and Good for the Planet".

iQuench is Good for You
Every batch of iQuench undergoes 120 tests(a 30 percent extra compared to the BIS norms) to ensure that the safest water reaches your door step. Every drop is also replenished with added essential minerals Magnesium and Potassium to make it even more healthier.
iQuench fully understands that quality means both product and process. Imagine every time you have to open a chips packet or a biscuit packet; they ask you to check the spelling of the brand name, check for the seal cover, the license stamp and more. Unfortunately we do have such kind of fake product problem in the sector today. To curb this iQuench deploys a model that engages no middle men at all. All iQuench water is directly supplied from the factory to your doorstep leaving no scope for adulteration.

For every bottle of iQuench that is subscribed and enjoyed, you can be rest assured that there is another under privileged family that is drinking safe and potable water

Its newly built IT systems also ensure a subscription model that allows you to say bye-bye to all the delivery challenges of not receiving water on time, following up with the vendor with repeated calls and more.

Good for Society
Eight glasses of water a day keeps the doctor away! Now think for a second if those eight glasses are polluted, filled with microbes and chemical contaminants. Sadly, for millions of children and lakhs of households dwelling in the slums and rural parts of the country, safe water is a distant piped dream. For every bottle of iQuench that is subscribed and enjoyed, you can be rest assured that there is another underprivileged family that is drinking safe and potable water. In fact iQuench is a social enterprise and we can safely say that we are the only Packaged drinking water in the country that’s giving away 100 percent of its profits for a social cause.

Good for the Planet
As a commitment for a plastic free earth iQuench does not manufacture 1 liter, 500ml or 250ml bottles that create more plastic than water! The brand creates only 20 liter water cans. It also dutifully collects and gives all its old plastic to the recyclers. This also allows the brand to claim that iQuench cans do not leech micro plastics. 56 percent of water it extracts is rejuvenated at the source itself today and we are planning to increase this number.

“So Yes! iQuench is Good for you, Good for Society and Good for the Planet and so far, 700+ Businesses, 25 gated communities and 1000+ families in Hyderabad have adopted and loved us. You can read more about us on our website or share your love on social media about this new startup @iquench. water ! iQuench is brought from the house of NCWS, a B.Corp certified, decade old social enterprise that is solving for the drinking water crisis in the country", concludes Divya Yachamaneni, CEO.