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Satya Molugu, Managing Director

Satya Molugu

Managing Director

Hyderabad headquartered Irusu Technologies, an AR & VR start-up has an interesting story to tell behind its inception. Irusu was incorporated on Feb 07 - 2014 with an aim to revolutionize the way Augmented reality is used.Initially, Irusu had developed an AR solution for NIRD but failed to get a project. An early set-back eventually made them re-think on AR applications and its use cases. After a deep retrospection, Irusu began doing more research on AR and its related technologies like VR and suddenly doors opened up with Google announcing cardboard version of VR, that was affordable and could be used with any latest smart phones.

After working with different cardboard materials and design variations on Google cardboard versions, they came up with a cardboard variant that is much sturdier than traditional open sourced model.This marked Irusu’s beginning. Today, Irusu is the fastest growing company in VRspace.

Till date, Irusu has sold more than 60000 units to Brands, Corporates and consumers and
still growing with strong figures. As the only Google certified Cardboard maker in India, Irusu has developed the first VR sports app for Star sports Pro Kabaddi. “We have developed an app called Irusu VR Zone with handpicked VR apps and content which is the largest VR apps library in India. Recently, we have introduced an AR marketing tool that is based on Saas platform that can revolutionize the way we use AR in general,” informs Satya Molugu, Managing Director, Irusu Technologies.

As the only Google certified Cardboard maker in India, Irusu has developed the first VR sports app for Star sports Pro Kabaddi

Bringing the Capabilities of AR VR in every sector
Striving to educate masses on Virtual Reality and spread awareness, Irusu provides premium Virtual Reality Headset devices and the applications to clients.The main challenge in VR space is the availability of advanced VR headsets like Oculus, HTC Vive (which are fine for enterprise customers, but a harder sell for consumers). Irusu with its both hardware and software development, knows exactly what end user wants from its vast customer base and develops the relevant apps for better VR experience.

At present, Irusu offers unique solutions to their clients in VR both on hardware and applications part. The company
targets sectors that include Realestate, marketing and skill development.“With our new AR marketing tool, which is a culmination of 8 months of deep R&D, it is going to change how AR can be used for different marketing needs right from Print Media, Brand engagement to enterprise use case and we are pretty much optimistic about it,” avers Satya.

He further says, “We are the only major company that has VR and AR solutions both on hardware and software part. With huge customer base garnered from last 3+ years, we have great insight on our consumer base and can easily push our content to them without much marketing effort.

Towards Creating a Bright Future
Since inception, Irusu has been growing YoY with more than 200 percent growth in the initial three years. Now, the company is at around 30 percent growth rate compared to last FY. Bootstrapped, they have recently joined with T-Hub(last eight months) and is under Startup India program.

“We had started as a tech company with more orientation towards product development and its applications. Right now, we are at a Scale Up stage and would be seriously looking at partnerships that can complement us on the other side of the coin like brand/product marketing, Scaleup, Go-to-market strategies, mentorship that can aid us in our business development,” shares Satya.