IStudio Technologies: Empowering Clients to Magnetize More Business with Clear Visibility

Kumar T, Founder & CEO

Kumar T

Founder & CEO

An online food ordering startup attempting to launch its office in Chennai required an in-depth analysis regarding approximation of monthly returns, possible locations to open its production units, number of prospective customers and the amount it should invest for digital marketing among other details. Enriched with the experience of answering such queries for over 500 clients, iStudio Technologies, a Big Data led Digital Marketing Company, came to their aid. iStudio flabbergasted the client by clearly predicting Velachery as the primary production unit based on the number of people utilizing web & mobile apps to order food online. It also ran a competitor analysis to obtain a clear vision of competitor’s performance, distributable locations, amount to invest and so on.

Busting the Big Data Myth

People are under the misconception that Big Data Analysis is possible only for multi-million dollar
companies. In reality, any business irrespective of irrespective of its size can be successful only if it knows the needs of their target customers. This is precisely why iStudio endeavours to avail complete Big Data Analysis solutions to startups, though it has filled its clientele basket with marquee names akin to Mitsubishi, VGN, L&T, Visteon, The Indian Coast Guard and CLRI. Impressively, the company has achieved this purely through word-of-mouth publicity. Driven by Big Data, iStudio provides all-round IT services like web development, mobile app development, digital marketing to start ups and internet businesses among others. The company increases website traffic and gives more visibility in internet space to reach target audience.

At iStudio, people develop a prototype based on the latest technology and later upgrade it to a newer platform.

“Every one who has a website or is targeting to generate a business via the internet can avail our services. We use the same model we provide to clients to understand the limitations and efficiency of Big Data Analysis and target implementation, so we can ameliorate it for our clients,” explains Kumar T, CEO, iStudio Technologies. Kumar embarked on this venture during the recession of 2008 with the
confidence that new internet businesses will keep springing up every day. However, it was quite challenging to convince investors about clear returns, because due to recession, the approximation of demands and society pattern could bend on any direction depending on the economy.

Adept Team

Firmly believing that happy employees can only create happy clients, iStudio has established a relaxed work environment. Despite working with clients closely right from development to deliverance, every employee does his/her job with ease, as they are well aware of what they do. The company takes pride in its extremely dedicated R&D team, which constantly analyzes the entire IT industry and keeps its development process apace with the latest technologies. In fact, at iStudio, people develop a prototype based on the latest technology and later upgrade it to a newer platform.

Growing at a lightning speed, the company aims to launch unique pure-play IT services in UK, U.S., Canada, Australia and GCC countries in the next six months. Though Kumar’s lips are sealed when we drilled further about these services, he assures that it will be worth the wait. “We are working together, as a team towards the goal of achieving Rs. 5 crore turnover per month,” concludes a determined Kumar.