ITABAALU.COM: Democratizing Construction Supply Chain

 Shiladitya Roy & Subhasish Chowdhury,  Co-FoundersThe construction industry is highly fragmented and unorganized. Sourcing & managing resources from an unorganized market for a construction project is a challenging task for the majority of real estate/ infrastructure companies while ensuring quality, schedule, and profit margins. On the other side, several deserving suppliers in the industry face the difficulty of getting access to new opportunities consistently.

Recognizing this gap in the construction supply chain, ITABAALU. COM has emerged as a game-changing platform, which provides quality assured supply chain fulfillment solutions for real-estate/infrastructure companies backed by a wide range of verified manufacturers & service providers, providing them one-point access to multiple supplychain needs and helping to execute construction projects at any location much easily with better speed, quality & costsavings, while streamlining new business opportunities for several manufacturers/service providers through a tech-enabled process.

Efficient Tools for Construction Supply chain Optimization
ITABAALU.COM offers a full-stack supply chain network, management & quality-assurance solutions for construction/infrastructure projects with a combination of tech enabled tools and services to deliver the most optimized value for the clients. ITABAALU.COM organizes a network of supply chain fulfillment partners, who are on-boarded after proper verification based on 100+ data points including quality checks and with that ITABAALU. COM is continuously increasing its fulfillment capacity to deliver resources & solutions for real estate/infrastructure projects of any scale & any location with better quality but at a lower cost.
For a project, ITABAALU.COM helps in sourcing the resources & solutions based on the project requirement, by comparing offers from multiple vendors instantly through an in-house bidding technology to match the appropriate vendor as per clients’ requirements & parameters like cost, quality, or experiences. After that, ITABAALU.COM takes upon the responsibility of managing the supplychain network ensuring quality assurance powered by its in-house technology & software for vendor management & quality tracking. Quality assurance is at the core of ITABAALU.COM. It combines multiple layers of verification systems enabled by technology+trained onground teams to ensure seamless coordination, management, and monitoring of the project supply chain to deliver projects at any scale and any location with better speed, quality & cost savings.

Expertise & Core USPs
Established in early 2023, led by the co-founders, Shiladitya Roy and Subhasish Chowdhury, both being professional architects, graduated from the Indian Institute of Engineering Science & Technology, Shibpur (Erst while BE College, Shibpur)and having a combination of experience in technology development for smart cities and managing multiple construction & infrastructure projects across different geographies, they understand the challenges in construction supply chain and have tailored ITABAALU.COM to solve that with technology.

Shiladitya Roy, Co-Founder & CEO

With the combination of a supply chain network and management systems, the core value proposition of ITABAALU.COM is to enable the smooth delivery of construction resources & solutions at any location & scale with quality assurance, speed & cost savings.

For the products/service providers like material suppliers, sub-contractors, and industry professionals, the platform proposes to act as an opportunity hub, providing access to authentic business opportunities from several construction/real estate projects and also helping them with access to working capital finance, source raw-materials easily with ITABAALU supply chain ecosystem and gain any expert advice to deliver superior quality products or services.

For real estate and infrastructure companies, the platform helps to optimize their supply chain for enabling better profit margins, deliver projects before schedule, win customers with quality transparency, and expand its footprints into multiple locations much more easily with ITABAALU.COM's supply chain network and management systems.