iTour Beat: Making Everlasting Travel Memories

An American business-person, investor, author, and motivational speaker, Farrah Gray, once quoted, "Build your dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs." This precisely reflects the entrepreneurial journey of Raja Singh Udayan, Founder & Owner of iTour Beat, who conceived the idea of setting up his venture during his college days when he got to plan a group trip for 90 people. The tour was a huge success. A spark of interest in leisure, travel & tourism industry was further fueled when he started doing a college internship with his elder sister Meera who is a successful entrepreneur and a great men-tor. Thus, with deep-seated passion and much-needed push by the family, he turned his dream come true in the avatar of iTour Beat. The company, which was founded in September 2014, was registered in 2015. "Entrepreneurship runs in my blood. I have experience in this industry as my family background is from the travel world. I started the venture with my pocket money, which was just Rs. 300. I didn't ask any of my family members or friends for further funding. Today, the bootstrapped company's net worth is around five crores. I'm not interested in any external investments, as I believe it restricts your decision-making power," says Raja.

iTour Beat is a Delhi-based tour operator organizing group trips that deliver the best deals and packages to various destinations in India. The company loves to organize group trips to help you with the best group possible and make your travel experience better and memorable for everyone. It organizes group trips for all kinds of travelers including, college graduates, corporates, families, weekend group trips, group trips for hiking & trekking, or group with a celebration during festive seasons with all zeal and charm. It gives you the best and hassle-free travel experience from beginning to end. Till now, iTour Beat has given trips to more than 10,000 people nationwide and is all set to start with international fest soon. The
company's various trips include Himachal Festival, Affinity Beach Party in Goa, All Roads Lead to Goa, Blue Beat Event, and Delhi Music Festival. "I started the company with the tagline ­ `All Roads Lead to Goa' and today it's a brand ­ iTour Beat, which holds 3-4 companies under its name. We did the fourth edition of the Himachal Festival in Kasol with the government to promote tourism and bring down the drug abuse in Kasol. We are trying to promote the local culture by providing the locals with a platform to showcase their talent to the world," he adds.

Raja Singh Udayan,Founder

Raja strongly believes that employees are one of the key pillars of the company. The freedom to learn and exercise responsibility is the major aspect that attracts, motivates, and retains talents in iTour Beat. At present, the company has a team of 10 full-time professionals, along with around 40 freelance tour managers. The young and enthusiastic minds of iTour Beat work together as a unit to accord you the best service for making your travel memories everlasting.

iTour Beat is a Delhi-based tour operator organizing group trips that deliver the best deals and packages to various destinations in India

The team looks after your basic needs like travel, accommodation, and leisure activities with no burden on your shoulder. "In 2014, my five-year plan was to do group tours all across India. I have achieved my target, and currently, I'm looking forward to doing international trips. My next five-year plan from this year is to launch 4-5 companies under the brand ­ Blue Beat. Apart from this, we are making in-roads into the hotel industry in the food chain and hospitality sectors, especially in the luxury category," he concludes.