JCI XR: Revolutionizing Medical Industries with XR Technology

Sampath Kumar HK , Co-Founder & CEO

Sampath Kumar HK

Co-Founder & CEO

Extended Reality (XR) can act as a catalyst for digital transformation. For this reason, today's businesses are keen on developing AR, VR, and MR solutions that can cater to their specific requirements. Such solutions can reduce costs, streamline operational processes, increase productivity, and can offer a more personalized and immersive experience. Bridging the gap between the real and virtual world for such business is JCI XR from Bangalore, India.

JCI XR is an engineering and new product development company that provides extended reality (XR) solutions for businesses, especially for medical device companies. With innovation, collaboration, and customer satisfaction as core values, the company mainly focuses on providing expertise and support for medical device products and projects regardless of the stage of their development.

The assistance is offered throughout the various phases of product development right from the start-up, through discovery research, strategic planning, product definition, design, and engineering development, and also in boosting the products’ launch in the market.

Intending to build long-term relationships with their clients and to ensure customer satisfaction, JCI XR focuses on delivering high-quality and customizable experiences to their clients while acknowledging their specific needs and goals.
This helps in positioning the company's products as an ultimate choice in the market. Moreover, they market themselves through various digital media channels, client referrals along with traditional marketing strategies.

The company offers a wide range of XR solutions with a mission to create immersive and engaging experiences for its clients. Their flagship offering is JCI XR which leverages XR technology to offer human anatomy education. This solution provides a better interactive and intuitive learning experience for medical students and professionals. In addition to this, they also offer JCI XR Junior, a solution that provides a highly interactive and engaging experience for school students, especially in subjects like mathematics and science.

Differentiating Factor
"Unique and innovative products, personalized experiences, and profound expertise in XR technology set us apart from others in the market", says Sampath Kumar HK, Co-Founder & CEO o f J CI X R. J CI XR's highly skilled team is always in pursuit to explore new possibilities and pushing their boundaries with this technology. Therefore, they work diligently with every single client to understand their challenges and requirements and design products and solutions accordingly.

Unique & innovative products, personalized experiences, & profound expertise in XR technology set us apart from others in the market

Under the stewardship of Sampath Kumar, the company sailed through all its initial challenges and is currently in the process of closing its pre-money round with a major firm to secure funding. JCI XR understands the significance of next-generation technologies and hence is constantly exploring their possibilities. For this reason, they heavily invest in research and development to assure that they are at the forefront of such advanced technologies in this space. By doing so, they will continue to deliver cutting-edge technologies and will establish this company as a trusted and reliable provider of XR products and solutions in the near future.

Going forward, Sampath Kumar plans to partner with leading technology companies and academic institutions and intends to expand to new markets and geographies. Currently, he and his team are in the works to launch major products in the field of MedTech. Furthermore, he aspires for JCI XR to mature to become a globally renowned brand for XR technology in various sectors including education, training, and healthcare.