JinzZy: On-Demand Service to Book Premium Live Characters and Superheroes

Apoorv Raghuvanshi, Founder & CEO

Apoorv Raghuvanshi

Founder & CEO

Some of the best businesses are the most unique ones, ventures that bridge gaps and offer something that's completely distinct and unparalleled. Around the world innovative individuals are embarking on business ventures that stand out for their individuality and uniqueness. One such story is of Apoorv Raghuvanshi, a technologist & entrepreneur who set up JinzZy, an on demand service to book premium live characters and superheroes. JinzZy represents a unique concept of entertainment technology. Beyond traditional form of entertainment, JinzZy is disrupting the entertainment industry with its new form of entertainment via Live Characters for adults and kids. "We vision technology and entertainment fusion as never before, bringing unique and reliable on demand fun and entertainment to our users and business partners while empowering hundreds of thousands of dancers and artisans across entertainment domain,"says Apoorv.

Apoorv spent most of his career in the USA for over a decade being associated with several fortune 100 companies like Qualcomm, Verizon and Oracle. He worked with teams of Google and Microsoft which gave him a great exposure of building world class products and what goes behind them. In the mid of the year 2016, he decided to return to India and work on his own venture. "Event management has transformed into experience creation with amalgamation of technology, innovative ideas and creative content with
focus on newer avenues such as sports leagues, rural expansion, and others. We wanted to organise this market segment with live character entertainment something that was new and beyond convention. Eventually, JinzZy came into being. We take pride in creating a new form of entertainment through realistic live characters in India available to the masses and businesses. We have touched hundreds of thousands with smiles, laughter and fun,"narrates Apoorv.

JinzZy is successfully helping world's biggest brands including Playboy & Toy Room and several premium and 5-star club properties with this new form of live character entertainment

During the initial days, Apoorv and his team took much efforts to educate the users and business customers about the concept and its affect in business. While it was easier to convince the B2C customers for their life occasions, convincing the B2B partners in various verticals like Night clubs & lounges and Healthcare was quite a task. It took them almost a year to disrupt the Night clubs and lounges segment where they introduced a third form of entertainment by creating more than 300+ original premium realistic live characters in a wide foray of themes. Today, the team is successfully helping world's biggest brands including Playboy & Toy Room and several premium and 5 star club properties with this new form of live character entertainment. "We are working with top tier healthcare facilities and helping resident patients and cancer survivors," informs he.

JinzZydoes not only believe in its unique business model that is said to change the way India experiences entertainment. Being a creative startup, it keeps creating fresh new characters every now and then. The characters are pristinely dressed and mirrors international class. The artists are professionally trained dancers and acrobats and the costumes and accessories are designed and fully custom tailored from outside India to provide premium experience to the users.

The Brighter Side!
In just two years of its operations, JinzZy is now delivering its services in all major cities of North India including Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Agra, Jaipur, Lucknow and Chandigarh. As a bootstrapped startup, it has experienced a growth rate of 300 percent in the first year and 150 percent in the second year of operations. "In the coming years, quite a few verticals including India's Automobile and Reality industry shall experience disruptions in their customer experience through our services. We are in close talks with biggest Automobile brands with our product/service market fit," he concludes.