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  • 10 Most Promising Music and Entertainment Start Ups

    The Indian entertainment industry is witnessing an enormous growth and is estimated to touch the mark of $33.6 billion by 2021.Driven by the increasing digitisation and deeper smartphone and internet penetration, the industry is one of the biggest revenue generating and fastest growing industries in the country as of now. With the music and entertainment making high strides in the Indian market, many startups are coming forward and capitalizing on this opportunity to offer a versatile experience to the audience. Creating a disruption in the segment, these startups are employing latest technologies in their operation to meet the diverse needs of a customer and provide them with personalized, highly interesting and entertaining content. The companies are dedicated to redefine the...

10 Most Promising Music and Entertainment Start Ups

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Arre Arre Ajay Chako, Sanjay Ray Chaudhari & B.Sai Kumar, Co-Founders Tells stories using fiction, non-fiction, documentaries, social experiments, podcasts and more
Eyp Creations Eyp Creations Nikhil Dwivedi, Founder, Mayuri Gupta & Ankush Dharmani, Co-Founders An experiential event management agency that provides music festivals and properties, which bring together artists, musicians and create unforgettable memories for audiences
Halucinate Halucinate Rakesh Anjanappa, CEO & Co-Founder Offering cutting edge technology, turning the best of virtual and augmented reality
Jadooz Jadooz Rahul Nehra & Kanika Singal, Co-Founders Primarily drives Edutainment & Sportainment through its specially designed zones which would be driven by a cloud based secure delivery platform, through its Secure Platform.
Jinzzy Jinzzy Apoorv Raghuvanshi, Founder & CEO App based on demand service to book premium live characters
POPxo POPxo Priyanka Gill, Founder & CEO The largest digital community for women in India, covering a wide range of genres, from beauty and wedding to health and lifestyle
Roposo Roposo Mayank Bhangadia, Founder A unique platform where people express visually with homemade videos and photos. The app offers a seamless browsing experience with user generated channels
StarClinch StarClinch Varun Agarwal, Founder & CEO A platform to discover and book performance artists and live entertainers.
Twaang Twaang Aparna Ramamoorthy & Krithika V, Co-Founders An on-demand mobile music library for Indian music lovers around the world