Job Availables: Simplifying Access to Quality Jobs in the Pharma & Chemical Industry

Akshay Badakh,  FounderMany people in India still need to be employed or indulged in seasonal employment. People also need help finding jobs due to the companies' unavailability of information and vacancies. Job portals help you find a job that matches your preferences and provide detailed job descriptions, including the designation, salary, qualifications, years of experience required, and location. Job seekers can directly contact HR or recruiters at the company without the involvement of a broker. The platform allows job seekers to create profiles by mentioning skills, education, and experience, view jobs, call the employer directly, fix interviews, and get hired. It allows employers to post jobs, communicate with candidates, schedule interviews, and engage. Key players in the industry are focused on launching innovative online platforms to help companies find appropriate candidates. By bridging the gap between job seekers and organizations, Job Availables offers a job portal for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries, making the job search process easy and simplified. One crore views on its website confirm to the company’s strenuous efforts, and the burning desire to end unemployment, leading it towards growth.

The challenges in the industry are meeting individual job requirements, providing relevant recruiter & candidate connections, and less time-consuming processes.
Akshay Badakh (Founder of Job Availables) started the journey of Job Availables in December 2019 using a mobile device to deliver a highly efficient job portal and fulfill all the commitments. It has experienced significant progress and expansion, starting from humble origins and now boasting presence on over 3 Lakh Followers on LinkedIn, 220 WhatsApp groups, with 15,000 Telegram subscribers and 16,000 Facebook members. Job seekers appreciate the advanced filtering and sorting options on its website since it helps to identify the best companies or opportunities most suitable to them, thus saving time. “The purpose of creating Job Availables is to make the job search easy for job seekers and to simplify the hiring process for companies”, speaks Akshay Badakh, Founder, Job Availables.

One Crore Views On Its Website Confirm To The Company’s Strenuous Efforts, & The Burning Desire To End Unemployment, Leading Job Availables Towards Growth

Fast, Reliable & Simplified Process
Job Availables helps find the ideal fit by providing job details and other information to job seekers. The platform is for those searching jobs in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry in all departments including Production, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, and others. The company's website is easy to use, compatible with all devices, and accessible to all users. It provides category, location, company, qualification, and designation based searching options to users, helping them find jobs as per their preferences. Candidates must complete the application form that appears after selecting the ‘Apply to Jobs’ option to apply for a specific job and also get job alerts on time. It has also allowed users to share its posts on their social media accounts to help the needy individuals. “Job Availables does not compromise on its core value, so we offer these services to recruiters and job seekers for free”, says Akshay.

Job Availables treats each stakeholder connected with it as a family and encourages one another's development. As a result of its efficient team and time management skills, the company has approximately over five lakh job seekers on its portal.Job Availables is trying to add more outstanding features to its website, including educational courses, internships, and openings for freshers. The company is looking for fresh approaches to connect with many job seekers to lead the drive to end unemployment.