Jump: Bringing Back the Joys of Gameplay for Children

 Niharika Chugh Vali,   FounderIn today’s fast-paced life, where parents seek to recapture the magic of childhood play for their young children, opportunities for finding safe and clean spaces is a major challenge. Yet, there is a significant gap in the need and availability for child and parent activity infrastructure that allows physical movement, social interactions, and enables imaginative thinking to unfold. Inspired from her personal experience while taking care of her daughter, prominent former news anchor, Niharika Chugh Vali, Founder of Jump, set out to create an indoor play zone that stimulates sensory and imaginative play opportunities for children, and offers a safe and clean environment that has been creatively designed. Her vision became a reality with the establishment of Jump in 2018, which redefined the concept of play zones for the under 8 age category.

Nurturing Creativity through Gameplay

The foundational ideas behind Jump were to create a space that allows children to explore where their imagination and creativity led them. At the same time, through the creation of fun and dedicated spaces such as the soft play area, the pretend play corner, the book nook, and more, the play zone aims to create an overall stimulating environment, which not only contributes to the child’s developmental needs, but also opens paths for interaction and forging new friendships.

As an FEC company, it also aims to create a place where parents can catch that much needed break. Whether they need to enjoy
some tea and coffee or catch up on work, by getting children engaged, parents get to benefit from it as well. “Jump primarily offers a combination of soft play, pretend play, sensory play and creative activities to kids between 1-8 years within a thoughtfully designed environment inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education. We also host birthday parties, festive specials, collabo-rative kids’ workshops, pop-ups by local brands and run an in-house cafe. We have also recently begun offering membership bundles and a limited-time 'Drop N Go' facility for kids 4+. Our mission is to make creatively-designed indoor play a viable business that can remain future-relevant and scalable in the super-dynamic world we function in today”, shares Niharika Chugh Vali.

Aspiring to create a preferred play zone for children and parents to enjoy, Jump has big plans for its future growth endeavors

Future Goals

As early entrants within this space, the team at Jump has witnessed the evolution of the industry in India over the years. Although there is a lot of competition, it also presents tremendous opportunities to think outside the box, and constantly bring new things that excite children and benefit parents.This dynamic landscape has encouraged Jump to continually step-up its game. One way in which the company keeps bringing something fresh is by introducing new themes to the Pretend Play area every few weeks, designing new ones completely from scratch.

As the industry continues to evolve, we are looking to bring about a change by means of standardizing comprehensive solutions for both young children and parents’ needs for recreation, socialization and safety as a unit. Injecting the run-of-the-mill ‘play zone’, with softer elements like pretend play and art prompts, for instance, while paying great attention to sanitization, safety and supervision, innovatively translates into the ideal destination for young families”, further shares Niharika.

Aspiring to create a preferred play zone for children and parents to enjoy, Jump has big plans for its future growth endeavors. The company aims to grow through collaborations and reinventions which will also help it scale operation and redefine childhood development and recreation. Through the amalgamation of old-fashion but upgraded touch-and feel play infused with contemporary tech, Jump aims to create something that brings children away from screens.