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  Manoj K. Pattanaik,   Founder, Advocate & Managing Partner

Manoj K. Pattanaik

Founder, Advocate & Managing Partner

In India, grappling with the complexities of immigration, litigation, and arbitration presents significant challenges for those seeking legal service and consulting related support. The dearth of specialized immigration lawyers compounds the hurdles individuals face, particularly concerning international legal matters, such as those of the U.S. and Canada. The intricate procedures of litigation and arbitration within India demand a nuanced comprehension of the legal system, often leading to delays and inefficiencies that impede the efficient delivery of justice. These obstacles highlight the necessity for accessible and dependable legal support, both domestically and internationally, highlighting Jurists Global’s pivotal role in bridging these gaps and empowering individuals to navigate the intricate legal terrains confidently.

Jurists Global, a pioneering global legal tech startup, is redefining the legal landscape by offering dependable and cost-effective legal services. Established by an ASU alumna and esteemed advocate of India’s Supreme Court, the company confronts the prevalent challenges individuals and businesses encounter in accessing proficient legal aid. Recognizing the complexities of litigation, arbitration, and compliance, Jurists Global is a trusted ally, providing a wide array of tailored legal services to cater to diverse requirements. “At Jurists Global, we believe in under standing the business sensitivities of our clients in each transaction and then working as an integrated part of the client’s team in every assignment for its thorough success", says Manoj K. Pattanaik, Advocate - Supreme Court of India, Founder and Managing Partner of Jurists Global.
Driven by its commitment to excellence, Jurists Global upholds the values of expertise, insightful guidance, commercial proficiency, trust worthiness, and compassionate care. With a vision to be the trusted advisor for clients, the firm emphasizes creating a conducive work environment, ensuring profitability, and building an impeccable reputation. Dedicated to empowering both clients and legal professionals, Jurists Global envisions a transparent and ethically sound legal ecosystem. Offering a diverse array of legal services, including property investment solutions and startup legal support, the company has gained recognition for its proficiency in immigration services and study abroad consulting. Leveraging a robust network of legal experts, Jurists Global provides comprehensive assistance in various legal domains, including criminal litigation, banking and finance, corporate law, competition law, intellectual property rights, and real estate law.

Jurists Global aids international business promotion, facilitating Indian startups & entrepreneurs to establish & expand their ventures in the U.S. & Canada. At the same time providing complete business setup solution to companies from USA & Canada, want to explore the Indian market

Jurists Global aids international business promotion, facilitating Indian startups and entrepreneurs to establish and expand their ventures in the U.S. and Canada. With a focus on the U.S., the company provides vital insights into investment and citizenship programs such as the EB5 Visa process and successful EB-5 projects. In addition, Jurists Global supports American EB-5 businesses and law firms in exploring the Indian market, offering comprehensive assistance, including office space provision, legal and documentation support, and guidance throughout the investment process. Similarly, the company extends invitations to Canadian immigration lawyers to explore the burgeoning Indian market for permanent residency (PR) while concurrently assisting Indian startups and entrepreneurs in obtaining Canadian citizenship or PR through strategic partnerships with leading Canadian accelerators.

Elevating its service delivery through technology, Jurists Global integrates advanced legal tech solutions to streamline operations and enhance client experience. By leveraging automation and AI, the firm optimizes document management, case research, and billing processes, ensuring efficiency and accuracy. Emphasizing data security, Jurists Global employs encrypted communications and secure client portals, safeguarding confidential client information and ensuring compliance with industry regulations and data protection protocols. In collaboration with leading legal tech companies in the U.S. and Canada, Jurists Global remains at the forefront of compliance management solutions, reinforcing its commitment to maintaining the highest standards of data security and confidentiality.