Just Chapati: True brand for healthy and freshly homemade Chapatis

Sandeep Jaganath, FounderIn today’s world when majority of the population is working fulltime, it becomes difficult for them to manage cooking and household work alongside. After been toiling hard for whole day, all they wish for is some good freshly homemade chapatis when they reach home. But with both the partners working, it proves to be exhausting to come back home and start cooking and even ordering a take out every single day is also not a feasible option. Taking cue from this gap, Sandeep Jaganath came across the idea of cooking and selling freshly made chapattis to the homes and that is what led to the establishment of this dynamic and unconventional venture ‘Just Chapati.’ “Chapatiis a basic requirement of an Indian family but there are not many people who are serving this quick essential flatbread. In the market also, only frozen and packed chapati options are available which are unhealthy and stale. At Just Chapati, we offer freshly handmade whole wheat chapattis at a very reasonable price that are delivered at your doorstep,” says Sandeep Jaganath, Founder.

Started as a home cooking platform wherein the company served on a door delivery basis, Just Chapati has now evolved into a collaborative model that has enabled people to become a part of value chain by giving them a medium through which they can supply chapatis just by sitting at the comfort of their house.“We are
trying to identify people in various apartments
of each area where they can make chapatis for us from their homes. We are just acting as a medium to help them sell and deliver it. These people are our better halves who are making chapatis or us as per our given specification, numbers, weight age, oil and raw material,” informs Sandeep. Adhering to more of a subscription type business module, Just Chapati offers a monthly basis package under which chapatis are delivered on all 30 days unless a customer has requested for a cancellation.

Being a part of this huge market, Just Chapati had to battle through a number of hurdles to reach at a position where it stands strong today. The sector being unorganised and unstructured, there were not enough options available in the market but by establishing a network of customers and production units the firm has been successful in becoming the go-to option for the clients.

Catering the needs of both B2B and B2C clients, the company has managed to develop a strong foot in B2B avenue and is working on leaving its imprint in the B2C sector as well.In a time where the country is seeing a major shift from rice to chapati, the company is also coming out with super foods like Palak Chapati, Beetroot Chapati and Drumstick Leaves Chapati. Offering a purely ready-to-eat handmade chapati, Just Chapati stays away from machine-made and frozen chapatis, which is the mantra behind the success of it.

Started as a home cooking platform wherein the company served on a door delivery basis Just Chapati has now evolved into a collaborative model that has enabled people to become a part of value chain

With its fresh handmade chapatis, the enterprise has come a long way and continues to climb the ladder of success gradually yet positively. The company is planning on extending its operations to other cities as well like Ahmedabad, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata and all other metro cities where the business potential is high. It is also looking forward to setup retail booths in crowded areas. “This is only the start for Just Chapati. We are soon going to tie-up with other companies as well which will help us place the modelof Just Chapati in the corporates of Bangalore. We are also aiming to extend our reach in the B2C sector and we are also working on the aspect of live kitchen where chapatis will be ordered and delivered immediately,” says Sandeep, profoundly.