JVR Consultants: A Trusted Training and Development Partner for Businesses

Ramavallabhan,Management & Technical Advisor


Management & Technical Advisor

The only way an individual or an organization can be relevant in any industry is by consistently upgrading themselves. Especially, as customers across industries expect the best from the service providers, it becomes essential for businesses to appropriately understand their needs and deliver delightful experiences to them. Another major challenge that most businesses face today while fulfilling their clients’ needs is ensuring compliance with the international standards while also being environment-friendly. In today’s competitive landscape, JVR Consultants helps service providers, including OEMs and supply chain businesses abide by all of these criterions and supports them to fulfil their customers’ needs efficiently.

JVR Consultants is the brainchild of Mr. V. Ramavallabhan, who wanted to utilize his ability to conduct effective training sessions to help businesses grow. Under his leadership, JVR Consultants has designed and delivering training and learning programs to help organizations evolve and improve the skillset of their employees. “I am passionate about learning new things every day and contributing to the industry by way of knowledge transfer towards enhancing efficiency and Effectiveness of the organizations we work with,” he adds. The biggest inspiration for Ramavallabhan has been to develop the people of India make them competent, employable, productive, and be a distinctive contributor towards the nation building. Over the years, the company has focused on improving the skillsets of professionals in India through its unique and special programs. The company designs ROI-oriented training programs that are focused on helping work forces, considering their competency, temperament and nature.
Addressing Organizations’ Training Needs Efficiently
Considering the significance of upgrading one’s skillset in today’s competitive landscape, JVR Consultants ensures to identify the specific needs of its client organizations as well as individuals. In each of the projects,the company precisely identifies the learning requirements of its clients and accordingly designs modules and aides to help with further implementation. Most importantly the company provides appropriate coaching or mentoring to ensure consistent business growth.

The company further bridges the gap between the skillsets of aspirants graduating from colleges and corporate requirements through its training programs

Another key factor that defines the relevance and impact of a training program is communication. It’s critical for every trainer or mentor to communicate effectively to ensure that they and the trainees are aligned. Hence, JVR Consultants delivers training in the appropriate language considering the participants’ preferences in order to carry out effective knowledge transfer. The trainers at JVR Consultants have a good command over English, Hindi and Tamil and are capable enough to cater to the participants in regional settings. Additionally, what makes the company stand out in this crowded market is its ability to strategically facilitate the participants to learn the subject by associated learning. “We, at JVR Consultants, believe in tuning to appropriate gradient to the level of competence of the people, which helps in transferring the knowledge effectively,” mentions Ramavallabhan. It is his vision and foresight that has brought JVR Consultants a long way in the training space. Qualified as a lead auditor in over 8 standards and certified as a ZED master trainer by QCI and an international trainer by Plexus, USA, Ramavallabhan brings the desired expertise to deliver trainings for all kinds of participants.

Bridging the Gap Between Professionals’ Skillsets and Corporate Needs
Over the years, his company has developed over 50 key technical and soft skill training modules that are required to achieve determined results across a multitude of industries. The organization has an impressive track record of training over 20,000 individuals across various sectors all across the country. Overall, JVR Consultants has completed over 100 ROI-oriented projects, which speaks volumes about the excellence it brings to the market as trainers.

Additionally, considering the growing demand for e-learning, the company has also developed elearning module known as ‘learn while you earn’. In a nutshell, the company bridges the gap between the skillsets of aspirants graduating from colleges and corporate requirements through its training programs. It consistently works towards developing employable workforce that propels the industry with consistent growth.