Kaeyote: Introducing Innovations that have Brought Revolutions in UAV & GIS Sector

Rohit Wakhare,,  Chief Marketing Officer

Rohit Wakhare,

Chief Marketing Officer

According to global market intelligence and advisory firm BIS Research, by 2021, the Indian UAV market will reach $885.7 million, while the global market size will touch $21.47 billion. Sectors other than military and agriculture, are quickly embracing the UAVs(unmanned aerial vehicles) after knowing about their widespread applications. Kaeyote is working in the same sector of UAVs & GIS which established itself in 2020 in Pune (Maharashtra). It was started with a vision to make full use of the emerging UAV tech and GIS to fulfill the needs of the industry.

Looking on to the growth of this sector, various companies are working as a market player because of easy accessibility to drones. In contrast, due to a lack of proper knowledge and experience, startups are not able to gain the trust and reliability of the customers. "We generally try to counter this issue by educating the clients about the scope of our services first, even performing a technology demonstration via pilot project to develop some trust in the technology and a working understanding of what to expect from us. We make sure that all our processes and services are designed with the consumer at the centre of it all,providing flexibility in terms of pricing and data accessibility and readability", says Rohit.

Saurabh Sable, COO & Co-Founder

Kaeyote is driven by the use of new and revolutionary technology to simplify and fasten the speed of infrastructure mapping and analysis while also deriving a wide variety of outputs as compared to traditional methods. It has a lot to offer in the different sectors like construction, infrastructure, renewable, agriculture and utilities sectors.

Its services are aerial surveying, 3-D mapping & simulation, aerial inspection volumetric analysis, and geographic information system. "We use our custom codes and scripts which reduces the time required to process a certain amount of data by almost 40 percent as compared to most of our competitors. It also allows us to provide an exponentially large variety of outputs and deliverables without needing to visit the site multiple times. We are very flexible with customizing our solutions as per our client's requirements", speaks Nikhil.

Kaeyote was started in 2020 by three members namely Saurabh, Rohit, and Nikhil. Everyone is experienced in their fields of GIS & drones, construction infrastructure sector and technical infrastructure respectively. The company was started without any funding and got its first project for a power management firm before the registration of the company. After the initial day's struggle the company got a breakthrough by the assistant director for state archaeology, Pune along with a conservation architect to map historical temples around Usmanabad in Maharashtra.

Nikhil Yadav, Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Since the archaeological projects have become a major area gradually the company involved in the construction also. Though the company was started in Pune now it is getting assignments from different states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, UttarPradesh and Uttrakhand. The company has expanded its area over different renowned clients which include BMC, Pride Builders, Rohan Builders, Sodexo, renowned conservation Architects, Indian Council of Historical Research, Archaeological Survey of India, State Archaeology Dept, of Maharashtra and so on.

Future Roadmap
Kaeyote aspires to be an Industry leader not just in the field of UAVs, but also in the use of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence to further revolutionize this Industry. It strives every day to expand its operations to accommodate the increasing volume of work it receives. There are so many industries untouched by newer technologies which would simply change the way things are done today, industries like Agriculture, Banking and Insurance, Archaeological Conservation, Natural Resources, Oil and renewable energy etc. want to make use of data to its fullest and transform the industry with the potential it truly has.