Kaizen Voiz: Making Digital Identity Authentication Simple, Seamless & Secure

Vivek Kumar,  Co-Founder & Director

Vivek Kumar

Co-Founder & Director

IDC predicts that by 2026, over 75 percent of all businesses will rely on AI integration to enhance their productivity and efficiency. Natural Language Processing(NLP) is one subfield of AI that is gathering a lot of traction in recent times. Among the myriad companies operating in this market, one company that stands a notch higher than the rest is Kaizen Secure Voiz. Realizing the massive potential voice holds in the biometric solutions space, Ashok Krishnaswamy (Founder & CEO) and Vivek Kumar (CoFounder & Director) incepted Kaizen in 2017 with Chennai as its base of operations with the mission of making digital identity authentication simple, seamless, and secure. Today, the company has created a niche for itself in the industry by integrating AI and NLP technologies to offer highly efficient voice-based biometric solutions to its clients.

“Our vision is to make voice the identity of users around the globe and empower them with access to digital domains irrespective of language, device, or literacy. We are a voice-based biometrics deep tech startup with patented offerings OnCloud, On-Device, and OnChip all built grounds-up with due consideration to cloud nativity and legacy
integrations. We are one of the modern enablers in the digital transformation space helping our clients in areas of customer life cycle automation, passive customer voice verification, fraud prevention, ID & Access management, voice proof of life, and more using our patented voice verification & intent detection product offering”, says Ashok, who has over three decades of experience in consulting, healthcare, aerospace and manufacturing verticals across India and abroad.

Kaizen has developed a patented and certified voice-based biometric authentication engine that simplifies business processes and enhances customer experiences by leveraging AI technology to process human voice for authentication and speech analysis. Using different characteristics of the vocal tract, the engine creates and matches against a particular voice print to successfully prevent fraudulent activities. This solution is completely channel independent, wherein it works across BOTH legacy telephone & VOIP and functions with near and far field microphones. Additionally, it is completely agnostic to language, dialect, accent, and spoken text, thus enabling one voice registration across multiple modes of end-user interactions.

“Our recent advancement is an On-Device Edge voice verification & intent detection engine developed with a focus on Connected Vehicles (Automotive), Fintech & Healthcare automation space (the demonstrable version on iOS, Android, Raspberry Pi). We are currently working on porting this solution to an On-Chip (SoC) solution. Our solution will deliver affordable and frictionless voice verification and intent detection technology, along with customer experience par excellence. It is a less intrusive, easy-to-use, accessible technology that is designed to make interactions with the digital domain simple, seamless, and secure”, explains Vivek, who possesses over two decades of experience in planning, building, and launching successful, high profile deep tech businesses. He is also a skilled strategist with proven excellence in formulating creative business visions and guiding organizations in their digital transformation journeys.

Going forward, Kaizen has plans to develop closer and stronger partnerships with its clients and cultivate a level of customer loyalty and brand equality that was not seen in the market earlier. For this, the company has invested a lot of time and effort along with its clients by volunteering new service integrations and taking-up sophisticated digital transformation projects for its clients.