Kebabplus: Fresh Bites from across the World

Rishabh Mehrotra, Vibhor Mehra, Payal Mehrotra, Rohit Mehrotra, Vipul Agarwal, & Sanjay Kumar,Co-FoundersIn the recent years, numerous aggregators and new age delivery providers have emerged in the food technology space. The majority have even made it big and few have shut shop, but what they all seem to lack is the ability to understand the demand for local cuisine done right and the changing dynamic of the Indian customers. For instance, successful business in the food tech space are still trying to piggyback solely on technology to improve the delivery mechanism and experience. But the crux of the matter is the consumer mindset that is rapidly moving beyond mere convenience and speed to curated food experiences done right. It is ultimately the ability to provide fresh, quality cuisine that you can relate to and enjoy that makes the difference. “Always look to create great food experiences... From ingredients to creativity, portions to fresh fusion, the business is about food. Use Technology as an important enabler and not as the answer to everything,” suggests Rishabh Mehrotra, Co-Founder, Kebabplus.
Noida-based Kebabplus passionately believes this and stands out in the crowd by adding its own flavours in the food tech space. The company is known to be one of the first companies in India to setup the cloud kitchen concept, deliver food to customer doorsteps and conceptualize corporate lunch boxes. Today, Kebabplus has evolved into a popular brand among the young and old a like. The company has over 75 percent of repeat customer base - both online and offline. The company turned profitable in 2017.

Kebabplus has curated more than 100+ dishes that include the fusion element of Mediterranean, Mexican, Lebanese, and Indian cuisines

Kebabplus's Culinary Journey
Founded in 2012, Kebabplus has invested significant time in researching and curating more than 100+ dishes that include the fusion of Mediterranean, Mexican, Lebanese, and Indian cuisines. “The idea was to deliver five-star quality foods at the comfort of the customers,” says Rishabh.

Rishabh comes from a family of hoteliers. Working for more than 20+ years in top management positions, he desired to start his own venture in the food segment, as it runs in the blood. Around 2011, he witnessed a change in the consumer behaviour where most people preferred American brands. Noticing a gap where an Indian brand could emerge, Rishabh
took the initiative and ventured into creating a brand that depicts quality at every stage.

Good Food on the Go
“We want to ensure our quality of food is at such level where it is consumed by a child who is probably eating outside food for the very first time,” says Rishabh, strongly emphasizing on the quality aspect. Kebabplus takes rigorous measures to follow good hygiene practices throughout the entire process, be it the basic cleaning process to separation methodologies, colour coded markings for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food sections, packaging and delivery of the food. “We don’t pre-prepare anything. As and when the order is received the food is cooked fresh,” Rishabh further states.

Putting the Consumer First – The Growth Way Forward
As a part of its business strategy, Kebab plus takes customers feedback every six months and upgrades its cuisines accordingly. This involves constant bench marking studies, telecalling, and constant monitoring and strategic implementation.

Team Kebabplus believes that to stay ahead in the food business it requires continuous improvement and most importantly one should keep their head on the shoulder and deliver excellent quality service.

Concluding on this note, Rishabh mentions, “When you send food to a customer, it should be cooked with a lot of happiness. Because there is positive energy that flows through the entire process and this is something we try to infuse into our foods.”