Kemsys Technologies: Your Destination for Safe Adventures in 'Embedded Technology' Related Projects

Ramesh Kannan,Managing Director

Ramesh Kannan

Managing Director

If the recent past is an indication, future of “Human life” is going to be increasingly dependent on digital and information technology. University of Twenty has recently fore casted the growth rate in embedded system to grow at more than 10/12 percent per annum and has estimated a sales potential of over 40 billion devices worldwide by 2020.

Kemsys Technologies has made an impressive name to recon for providing a seamless and consistent design services backed up by commercialization support with concurrent knowledge & experience in the field of embedded system and software technologies.

It also tenders an integrated solution for connecting devices that will empower customers to address the dynamically changing demands of the new-age devices. Working closely with chip vendors such as Free scale, Cypress, CSR (Qualcomm) and Texas Instruments, company offers product platforms where customers can deploy their products with speed and effectiveness; thus enthusing customers to manage their competition.
Company’s product platforms help customers to shorten the overall time-to-market, keep development costs lower, and ensure effective interactions during the project implementation in-turn minimising risk involved in bringing products to market.

With intent to gratify the needs of business of every size as per their budget, Kemsys has successfully made its foot print across domains like Automotive, Medical Devices, Defense & Aerospace, Telecom & Mobile, Industrial Automation, Energy, Consumer electronics and many more. It also proffers complete development/enhancement services to customers to form a new Android technology solution. The company has set a committed agenda to offer one stop solution from concept to delivering end products. Kemsys works with customers from hardware & software development to PCB & Mechanical design, from prototyping to manufacturing & product certification facilitating the earliest possible product launch.

Kemsys' Core Engineering & Management team

Kemsys originally set bids on Indian e-Readers as a first company that designed and developed e-Reader. Progress wheels halted halfway through due to monetary upheaval. However, halting was only for a short period and started moving again with the timely advice and funding from Ramesh Kannan, MD, Kaynes group of companies. Since then, Kemsys made a quick turn around from product to product engineering services.
Today, besides design services revenue, Kemsys can boast of various technologies in its arsenal and proud moments such as offering the key ingredient for India’s missile system, water depth monitor for naval application, and ruggedized tablet for Defence forces. Recent additions being Capsense technology for a leading coffee house. Kemsys has been the first Indian company to design and manufacture the bluetooth module in association with CSR (recently acquired by Qualcomm). Company has also helped many SME/start-ups to launch products on Bluetooth tracker, Ophthalmology and new age payment solutions based on NFC.

The company has a flat organisational structure, consisting of qualified and young engineers and technocrats with vast subject knowledge, specialization and expertise in each division. While M.H. Prasad (CEO), C.S Nagaraj (Regulatory Services Head) and Sundaresha (Mechanical Engineering head) have over 25-30 years of experience and been instrumental in diverse innovations, the founding team members Dinagaran (Software), Ganesan (Hardware) and Sathisha (Business Development) bring much needed youthfulness for this innovative company.

Path Forward

Set to fly at higher altitude, Kemsys is expanding its wings to partner with its chip vendors to design smarter, more power-efficient and more intuitive devices. Its ambitious is to make devices take to each other and take decisions.