Kero Labs: Bringing Innovation to Machines

Swarup Tripathy,  Co-Founder

Swarup Tripathy


One of the most scintillating creations of mankind Robotics has revolutionised every course of human lives. It has transformed the mannerism in which the industrial society functions. The ambidexterity and technological advancements of this marvel incited industries to conclusively arrogated and use it for delivering advanced and highquality products; even though its existence has created a lot of turmoil concerning its impact on employment, workforce and of course creativity. Hence, owing to its growing demand and scopes, many forward looking minds have ventured into this niche domain with the perspective to reform the modus operandi complying with every firm runs its operations.

The Story Two like minded engineers, Swarup Tripathy and Sai Setra apprehended the need for an inventory technology to grapple the reallife challenges. With this line of thinking the duo established a robotics company named Kero Labs. The company brings Artificial Intelligence and machines within the close range of each other. The engagement of this Artificial General Intelligence based Robotics Company is to create a smart automated system for various industries to improve and speedup their tasks and processes. This, however, builds up a company's momentum and performance, enabling it to churn out products and services of higher quality. The riveting fact is
that it uses Machine learning and Deep Learning Algorithm to prim machines capable of learning and performing in an intelligent manner. "We have developed a company adopting groundbreaking technologies like machine learning and AI to produce effective output from constructive resolution," says Swarup Tripathy, Co-Founder, Kero Labs.

Kero Labs is an initiative taken to change people's perception of Robotics

Kero Labs works with latest machines that are fast, accurate, and powerful. That gives them the edge to help companies manufacture the best products and solutions. The company has not confined itself to a particular industry. Specifically, it envisages to bring utmost development in the food sector. It purposes to show the positive changes AI and robotics can bring in this industry. To which he adds, "Since the time of inception, we remained very determined to bring out machines and products of the best calibre and status that improves the status of every company. And to achieve this, we have recruited the best team and have put in 100 percent dedication."

At present, Kero Labs is gearing itself bestow its services to the Indian food industry. It schemes to employ Artificial Intelligence and Robotics to deliver clean, standard and hygienic food products. This typical technique has the potential of sketching a new diagram in this particular space, empowering them to generate higher financial gains. Its objective is to deliver a full working and functional prototype. "We have drafted an approach through which we intend to bring in an inventive disruption in the industry. By using AI and Robotics we aim to deliver healthy and up to the mark products," he adds.

For the most part, Kero Labs is an initiative taken to change people’s perception about Robotics. It works towards pointing up the miraculous improvements it is capable of in every aspect of human lives.