Kinosphere: Driving the Needed Innovation in the Indian Film Industry

Ishrat Akhter ,Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Ishrat Akhter

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

The world's largest film industry continues to use antiquated methods to find talent and technicians. Much of the hiring is done on a personal level or through a net-work of agencies. Newcomers have a difficult time connecting with the proper people. Due to geographical and social constraints, talent hunters miss out on a big pool of creative talent. There are broad platforms, such as LinkedIn, that can help you locate a job or internship, and then there are limited platforms who have not enough reach and are still unknown to the professionals who need them.

Born out of the pure zest to satisfy the needs of the film business and bridge the gap between professionals who want to work with directors, producers, and production houses, Kinosphere is building a dedicated talent and service provider marketplace for the Indian Film Industry that also showcases the work of its members through an OTT Platform for their short films. Kinosphere gives vast opportunities for actors, models, singers, photographers, musicians, writers, dancers, graphic designers, anchors, voice-over artists, stylists, filmmakers, among other people. This innovative platform is a one stop shop for an individual or team to display their skill or procure services from a far larger pool of peo-ple, allowing them to reach out directly to those who matter.
Creating A Place With Opportunities
"Approximately 35 million people dream of entering the Indian Film Industry with a market size of INR 700 Crores in a year. Currently 23 lakh people work in this industry. So we not only promote professionals, we also groom freshers who want to start their career in the industry and facilitate their big break” says Ishrat Akhter, Co-Founder & CEO at Kinosphere.

"We are also coming up with a short film OTT platform, wherein, the Kinsophere app is not only offering jobs and opportunities, but also offering a platform to show-case users short films through an OTT platform. Unlike any OTT where you get to only know who's the actor or director and one can't go and see their profiles directly. Here, one can directly click and get the overall information and connect with all major artists and technicians who have worked in the film”, she adds.

This OTT platform is at a validation stage and is available on Google Playstore. Test trial has already been carried out where it got around 55 users. Currently, Kinosphere is looking for a funding of a million dollars to be able to hire about 50 people and put the system in place, wherein they can help as many people as possible to gener-ate jobs within the film industry. The idea is to spread the word far and wise in a short time so people know where to go.

We are also coming up with a short film OTT platform, wherein, the Kinsophere app is not only offering jobs and opportunities, but also offering a platform to showcase users short films

Ishrat Akhter brings 10 years of experience in the film industry and leverages 20 years in the IT sector, specializing in portals, e-Commerce, and apps. Amlaan Shakeel, another co-founder of Kinosphere is an experienced data scientist and machine learning engineer who focuses on computer vision and natu-ral language processing. He brings to the table a wide range of skills, including AI research, deep model training, and full stack development for online and mobile applications. Zarif Hosain completes this trio of founders. A young lawyer and communicator, he is preparing to take this app to all the young people out there who need to onboard the app.

"Going forward, we should have an IPO by the next five years. We would like to start with India, and spread our wings across Europe, America, South Africa, Japan, among other places so that the world has one place for collaborations”, concludes Ishrat.