KiTEC Industries: Offering Safe and Environment Friendly alternative Piping System in India

Avinash R. Laddha, Managing Director

Avinash R. Laddha

Managing Director

Multilayer Composite Pipes have many advantages over pipes made from a conventional single material, including flexibility and strength, good corrosion resistance, lightweight, and improved thermal resistance properties. Multilayer Composite Pipes offer the advantages such as increased strength and long durability compared to conventional metallic or plastic pipes. The rapid growth of the construction and electrical and electronics industries in Asian countries has given a massive boost to the global multilayer composite pipes market. The multilayer composite pipes market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 5.7 percent during the forecast period 2020–2025.

Being the pioneers of multilayer pipes in India since 1996, KiTEC Industries, an ISO 9001:2015 company, was established as a joint venture to manufacture a revolutionary piping system known as KiTEC Composite Pipe System (KiTEC-CPS). The company commenced its manufacturing operation in technical and financial collaboration with KiT ECHNOLOGY BV, Netherlands, at its state-of- the-art manufacturing facility at Silvassa. Initially, the company covered only three sizes of pipes; however, they developed technology to make new sizes over the years.

"KiTEC has developed additional sizes from 2532(32 mm OD) in the initial period to 90110 (110 mm OD) size now and also developed many changes in joining techniques to meet the requirement of the market. The excellence in quality and long service life of KiTECCPS has been widely acclaimed in India. The pipes are now widely applied in fields of potable water system, compressed air system, gas distribution system and host of other applications in small diameter piping systems", explained Avinash R. Laddha, Chairman & Managing Director, KiTEC Industries.

Various Piping Systems Through Innovative Engineering Solutions
Right from the beginning, KiTEC focus was on creating one of the world-class R&D centers in the company. The in-house R&D team introduced a new range of composite pipes PE-AL-PEX and PEX-AL-PEX pipes. They developed composite compression fittings for the first time globally, manufactured from an engineering polymer
blend with DZR brass inserts for fittings They also developed crimp fittings in brass and composite polymer materials, which reduced the system cost. Moreover, Other R&D achievements are Multi Floor Trap , Pre-insulated Composite pipes, Silent SWR pipes and fittings. KiTEC’s other product portfolio includes HDPE Pipes, Upvc SWR Pipes. KiTEC manufactures the other products only based on demand as the prices of these products manufactured by KiTEC are higher, and hence KiTEC has not made efforts to market these products. The strategy was to offer all piping products based on customer needs, and thus, these facilities were established. KiTEC also has marketing arrangements for ACP (Advanced Crystallisation Process), an innovative product from UK and Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV).

KiTEC Industries will remain one of the market leaders in alternative to the conventional piping systems in India by providing innovative engineering solutions to the market

Furthermore, to provide such exceptional products, KiTEC involves a different methodology. KiTEC multilayer composite pipes are an alter native pipe system to conventional pipes. It is a unique combination of aluminum and polyethylene(PE), which renders it flexible, lightweight, and strong at the same time. It permanently holds whatever shape it is formed into and does not need additional clips or brackets to retain the shape of bends or curves. It is easily formed into curves set by hand and only requires bending springs when creating tight bends. Hence, it can be easily maneuvere around corners, columns, and complex curves, reducing the need for joints and elbows. It is available in long lengths in coil form. Its easy to install and save installation time as the need for cutting, threading, and fitting to the pipe is significantly reduced, resulting in speedy project completion. It is also corrosion resistant and scale free, long-lasting and economical, light and robust, easy to install, and leak proof jointing due to positive compression fitting with internal sealing. If installed as per the guidelines and within permissible duty conditions, there are absolutely no risk factors involved in this composite pipe system.

"KiTEC Industries will remain one of the market leaders in alternative to the conventional piping systems in India by providing innovative engineering solutions to the market. The company is innovative, customer-oriented company with sound business values and ethics. KiTEC will always remain committed to the same coupled with safety and environment standards of the highest level. The company's USP is its quality, innovation, pre-sales, and after sales service", added Avinash.

Hence, with such extraordinary service, KiTEC Industries is committed to meeting all customers' requirements(internal and external) concerning the quality of their products and services. Some of their clients are NTPC(Nuclear Thermal Power Corporation), Kudankulam, Railways, Army, Builders, factories,number of individual house/bungalow owners, etc. the company concentrate on preventive methods and adopt an innovative approach to make total quality a way of life with an objective to do it right, the first time. And that's why, KiTEC has received multiple awards like Product of the Year in 1998 from Accommodation Times, European Quality Award in 2008 from Europe Business Assembly, Oxford, UK,Water Digest Award 2008-09, and for 2009-10 for best water supply engineering (pipes), World COB Award for Best Enterprise and Best Manager in 2013, and Majestic Falcon Award for quality and excellence by Other ways Management and Consultants, Paris, at its convention in Dubai in November 2017. Additionally, KiTEC was also selected as brand of the decade in December 2018 by Herald Global, ERTC Media & BARC Asia.