KiwiQA Services: The QA Super Center

Niranjan Limbachiya  & Nirav Raval,Founder & CEO & Partner

Niranjan Limbachiya & Nirav Raval

Founder & CEO & Partner

Internet has transformed the businesses of today and yester years. Companies are focusing more on web and mobile to reach customers, thus making quality assurance (QA) an essential part of their operations. Around 26 percent of the entire budget of an organization is allotted to QA. But many still tastes the bitter truth of high cost of operation when they do it internally in silos within their organization. But not with KiwiQA, a provider of QA services through software testing and automation using open source technology that has led the company to emerge as a soup-to-nuts of the QA industry.

A Precentor for Software Startups

Established in Ahmedabad in 2009 by Niranjan Limbachiya, a quality assurance veteran, KiwiQA fuelled all-in-one quality assurance services that include Automation Testing, Load and Performance Testing, Mobile Testing and Handset Certificaiton, White box Testing, Security Testing , Manual Testing and Test Process Consulting. While the most consequential aspect of
QA is its cost, most of the companies – big to minute – spend a glut of expenses in QA, thanks to proprietary rights. Via Open Source, a new generation, open-to-all software source code that is available for all developers to modify; KiwiQA has minted an abundance of effort to customize it for clients’ requisites, building frameworks – JMeter and Selenium, asserted on it. Since Open Source is gratuitous software, it preserves businesses over $60 billion every year. In-light-of that KiwiQA offers customers ‘at-service’ rate to pauperize cost-of-delivery. From Banking to Retail, this company has already accommodated 100+ customers and 150+ projects utilizing software automation through its flagship products – JMeter-performance-testing, Selenium-automation-testing, and Mobile-automation-testing.

KiwiQA has minted an abundance of effort to customize it for clients’ requisites, building frameworks – JMeter and Selenium, asserted on it

As incipient technologies are emerging every day, it has been arduous to vie the pace with the ignition. To issue certificates on apps’ compatibility with handsets, KiwiQA has allied with cloud-based partners to gain access to 1000 plus handsets as it’s difficult to own such number of handsets in-house. To assess security measures in an app and scrutinize the code beneath it, this QA Company applies
whiteboard test. Nirav Raval, Partner at KiwiQA explicates, “There’re so many disruptive technologies emerging steadily. Since 50 percent of our customers are startups, they’re working at an expeditious pace as their product needs to go live within six months to attract VCs. Thus, they expect us to get along. Conjointly, their technology requisites keep changing”.

Making Force through Mores

Maintaining a lean organizational structure, engineers at KiwiQA go through a vigorous two-month training program to subside, and optate the stream – automation or performance project. Apart from the work-life, employees at this organization confer innovative conceptions and the same is presented at the ‘meet-up’ events in front of other software and QA companies. This salubrious environment at the company keeps the staffs confident and motivated to work preponderant and eventually earned them the reward of ‘Best Software Company in Gujarat-2013’ by GESIA (Gujarat Electronics & Software Industries Association).

Cementing Foot Holds

While the industry is moving towards a healthy budget in quality assurance, KiwiQA plans to setup sales offices in Australia-New Zealand region. Nirav concludes, “We have very strong partners in U.S. & Europe as we receive 70 percent of our business from these two regions and we feel that we’re very well situated in these regions to grow our business at 100 percent every year”.