Kottanz: An Intersection of Craft, Design and Tradition

Mithra      ,Founder

The demand for Chinese goods at throwaway prices is making consumers and dealers more determined to purchase foreign products and they are being completely ignorant of the poor quality that it is made of. This trend has been creating adverse effects on the Indian crafts and skills which are now seen taking a backseat in the market. Bangalore headquartered Kottanz endeavors to provide the largest platform for swadeshi products through the contemporary prism of Indian craft, and empower local craftsmen and crafts in pursuit of business. “We design unique products and swadeshi hampers with urban sensibilities from locally sourced natural fibers like Palm leaf, river grass.Our aim is to keep the Indian crafts and gift options at the helms across the globe,” says Mithra, Founder, Kottanz.

All the products at Kottanz are available online and are backed by strong backend processes that ensure high-quality product maintenance and seamless
delivery experience to the customers. The platform also has a strong offline presence. “We have been scaling up our operations in India, we have opened up 7 regional offices at Pune, Mumbai, Odisha, Guwahati Hyderabad (Ameerpet &HiTech City) & Andhra Pradesh to increase our reach and to give a flawless customer service experience to our regional customers,”Mithra informs. Kottanz is the only 100 percent made in India brand that handcrafts eco-Luxury gift hampers.

" Kottanz has expanded to seven new cities in India, opened three new production units and has recently crossed its 10,000-customer mark"

The Genesis
The thoughts behind setting up Kottanz had begun from a time when the company was operating in the market as a manufacturer of luxury handbags with the name FIBERKRAFT – a blend of Indian Natural fibre’s finished in Leather with unique designs. The primary objective then was to create a livelihood for lakhs of under privileged craftsmen and women across India. “We realized that Indian crafts and natural fibers have huge potential in the gifting space that is completely ignored and untapped. We thought to use their skills, train them with workshops on different designs to come up with unique range of gifting products at Kottanz,” she
says. This marked the beginning of Kottanz.

The company started with helping 5 underprivileged families and 10 product types; today it has become a daily livelihood for over 108 families from Southern part of India. It now has with 4 production units housing more than 500 product variants to choose from. “Be it any occasion - wedding, corporate function, baby shower or festivals, we have suitable products that can be customized as per the customer needs. Our orders are designed as per our customer requirements in our studio in Bangalore and then the execution process takes place in our production unit,” she adds.

Enhancing Business Growth
In the last three years, Kottanz has had a phenomenal growth. The company has expanded to 7 new cities in India, opened three new production units has recently crossed its10,000 customer mark. The team is backed up by Sr. Advisors who had been navigating Kottanz to its desired destination.Till date, Kottanz has made at least a 1000 Indian weddings even more beautiful.

Moving forward, team Kottanz aims to create jobs for 1001 under privileged families by 2021.“Our target for the near future is to expand our operations in 10 more new cities in India and go global by opening up operations in the US and UK,” concludes Mithra.