Kreate Konnect: Assisting Sellers to Profitably Manage Online Businesses

Abhishek,Co-Founder & CEO


Co-Founder & CEO

With India crossing the 1 billion population mark, one can say it is an extensive market with various positive probabilities that are yet to be explored. One such glaring opportunity is the e-commerce sector. With the internet and smartphones becoming ubiquitous, the e-commerce sector is thriving on it. Though ecommerce companies have changed the way people do commerce around the world, the challenges faced by the sellers who are the backbone of every ecommerce marketplace have never come to the fore.

Apart from logistics and delivery which continue to remain big infrastructural challenges for e-commerce companies, sellers face a slew of other challenges such as dynamic marketplace commissions, various charges levied, SLAs, per unit economics and payment reconciliation. Kreate Konnect, with its offices in Delhi and Vadodara believes that the solution to these challenges lies in approach of analyzing the large chunks of data these e-commerce
companies generate. The company believes that one needs precise and valuable data to simplify online selling and to make sense of the chaos. The company offers its own proprietary data analytics model that is fashioned to track everything from price points, product types, place of purchase, type of purchase, keyword trail, a possible reason of purchase (predictive), probability of buying again (product based), product reviews, per unit economics, etc. Since the company caters to clients from various product categories that include home décor, apparel, electronics, accessories, industrial goods, etc it believes that having accurate statistics from all these categories in terms of marketing and sales certainly gives them an edge over its competitors. The analysis of these multiple data points not only assists sellers to draft future strategies but also efficiently run and manage their online businesses.

The company caters to a very diverse set of clientele which includes manufacturers, traders, curators and online only sellers.

Covering all Aspects of the E-commerce Sector

Kreate Konnect, an e-commerce management company, leverages its end-to-end e-commerce
management solution to both domestic and international sellers. The company caters to a very diverse set of clientele which includes manufacturers, traders, curators and online only sellers. Their thorough understanding of back-end panels of various e-commerce companies both in India and Internationally has helped them develop and end-to-end e-commerce management solution which automates 70 percent of the online business for e-commerce sellers. Among the various features of the solution the company has to offer, Kreate Konnect proffers their CRM solution consisting of predictive analytics as its backbone that lets sellers create message templates, alerts them when a message is received and prompts the time left and also recommends possible responses. The CRM metrics enables sellers track their response times, product reviews and feedbacks and also an analysis of the same.

Elated by the massive turnout of acceptance in the Indian market, Kreate Konnect visualizes itself as one of the most influential brands in the e-commerce space five years from now. The company intends to endeavor and create one of the most efficient technology and data backed ecosystems where people can trade and sell their products to every nook and corner of the world from any location around the world.