Kreayotoo Solutions: Impeccable Solutions for the Global Engineering Spectrum

Sumanth Krishnan, Director & COO
Sumanth Krishnan, Director & COO

The journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. The idea that started off with a small project in favour of the society soon started contributing to the infrastructural development for the nation.In 2016, Satya Srinivas,Sumanth Krishnan, P.Rahul, Divyasree and Devi Meghana, three friends and experts in the field of technology decided to follow their passion for innovation and carve a niche for them in the industry. Combining their professional know-how and proven technologies to create tailor-made solutions imparted so deep that they left their lucrative careers to give wings to their dreams. Thus, Kreayotoo Solutions was born.

Hyderabad based Kreayotoo Solutions initially started off as an innovative company in the IT space that created GPS enabled blind sticks for the visually impaired. Driven by the noble vision to offer GPS enabled instruction for them so that they can reach their destination safely, the company was successful in implementing their first project. They then took a plunge into the Agriculture and Irrigation space to help farmers by enabling them better solutions for through extensive agri-based research and knowledge.“Our core idea was to
set up a village level kiosk,engage our research people and render an array of solutions that act as a beneficiary for the farmers and the society. We were able to render effective solutions along with turning our vision into a reality”, Satya informs.

After gaining outstanding results, their desire encouraged them to do more and finally, ventured into the vast infrastructure development space. In 2017, Kreayotoo Solutions, a startup company achieved the following within a short span by –
• Adopting best Management Strategies and set a new benchmark in Smart Infrastructure and construction sector
• No Start-up company in India or in abroad has done detailed designing of 86.42 KM’s Roads, cycle tracks etc, 80KM’s water pipe line, 80KMs sewer , 86.42 KMs gas, 80KMs electrical conduit network, 80KMs ICT, 400KMs Recycled water, 170 KMs Storm Water drain (size more than 3x3.Mts)
• As on date we prepared more than 10,000 Drawings(GAD’s, Structural, GFC’s and all detailed Drawings)using Automation, and emerged as a full-fledged engineering consulting company

An Array of Engineering Service & Solutions
As the engineering space is on the cusp of development, the way of taking the work forward demanded companies to change their style on design, plan,and execution. Not only this, the rising complexities in the project development sought for improvisation in terms of costs,timely deliverables, productivity, and efficiency. This didn’t go unnoticed by team Kreayotoo. They interacted withFrench consultants
and gathered insights on clash analysis and other elements. The team further identified a few tools available in the market and optimized the same to create unique solutions. “The tools and techniques we developed are at par with reliable information and based on technical knowledge. In fact, we use automation techniques to achieve desired results,”asserts Satya. Kreayotoo’s core focus on financial control, operational experience and automation has earned them a reputed name. The company’s core offerings include Master Planning,Feasibility& DPR,Pre-Bid Services, Construction Supervision, Project Management, Detailed Engineering and more. Additionally, it proffers services for Highways& Bridges, Water Resources& Irrigation, Environmental Sanitation& WaterSupply, Urban Planning, Geospatial Services, Innovation Labs and others.

The Road Ahead
From bagging the 'Green Space'Amravati Development Project to doing a 10+ crore business in the first phase, Kreayotoo has come a long way. The company has grown multi-folds and bagged several projects both nationally and internationally. Partnered with IIIT Nuziveedu, as a part of its CSR activity, Kreayotoo trains people by giving them training and absorbs a few of them as its resources. Striving to bring the best-in-class services and excellent people, it at the same time, strives to be a 100 crore company solely determined to add value. Going ahead, Kreayotoo aspires to catch hold of the burgeoning space in Virtual Reality and diversified technologies.