Kriptone: A TrailBlazer In The Endpoint Fraud Detection Industry Landscape

 Prasantsinh Parmar,  FounderOver the last decade, digitalization has been rapid which has impacted all different industry verticals in one way or the other. While this has offered plethora of advantages for organizations, digital frauds have also increased significantly during the same time frame. Monitoring is a very important aspect when it comes to fraud detection. There are various solutions organizations use to prevent fraud ranging from firewalls, VPN, DLP, endpoint protection, identity and access management. Still a lot of data thefts happen at alarming rates across industry verticals. Most of the data leakages happen from the endpoints and this is one aspect that many organizations ignore. Helping business organizations to know and control what is happening on their endpoints is Kriptone. The company has vast experience and expertise to monitor the user activities with functionalities like live video recording, web monitoring, email monitoring, application monitoring, screenshot monitoring, watermarking the screenshots, USB monitoring and blocking, risk rating, print tracking, clipboard data monitoring, and much more.

Kriptone is a digital security company that focuses on Comprehensive Endpoint Monitoring and Controlling Solution. Owing to its commitment to offer customer centric services of the highest quality, the company has been able to make impressive strides in the market and create a nich.

The Journey of a Change-Bringer
In the current age when data of an organization is its most valuable asset, most of the organizations focus on Perimeter, Infrastructure and Network Security. However, the key place where data theft can happen is from the endpoints which includes Laptops, Desktops and Servers. With privileged access, it becomes utmost important to monitor, control and have a complete report of the activities at the endpoints so that the organizational data is secure from threats, thefts, compliance requirement in addition to monitor the productivity of the users as and when required. Kriptone acknowledges this fact and ensures that its clients’ data is safe and secure.

With more than a decade of experience in endpoint security, Kriptone brings in a comprehensive solution to address its clients Compliance, Monitoring, Insider threat Prevention, Productivity Monitoring, Web Monitoring, Identity Management, Zero Trust, Risk Ranking, and much more from a single console. This not only helps its clients to have better safeguard its data but it also allows the company to focus on other areas of its business and develop the organization.

Talking more about the inception story of Kriptone, Prasantsinh Parmar who is the founder of the company says, “Leveraging our industry experience, we found that the major challenges faced by organizations are to detect/identify, how the fraud is happening. Despite having the best firewall, IDS, IPS, encryption technology or even security infrastructure in place, still frauds are happening, and we noticed that behind all those frauds it was a user, and user behaviors. That’s where we decided to come
up with a solution, which can detect malicious activities performed by users, keep an audit trail for forensic purpose and control these activities as well”. Later, the company came up with the concept of having Comprehensive Endpoint Monitoring and Control Solution (CEMCS), which can help organization to track, monitor, alert, block, and control user activities as well help in detecting and preventing frauds happening by trusted users.

Kriptone’s solution Kntrol is an all in one solution for insider threat detection and response, data leakage prevention, employee productivity monitoring, incident forensic, third party vendor monitoring, identity and privileged access management, managing governance, risk & compliance, activity based risk ranking, discovering data security vulnerabilities in real time, User Behavior Analysis(UBA), Role Based Access Control (RBAC), web filtering and blocking, tracking third party connecting devices, and much more. Functionalities like live video recording, screenshot and clipboard data capturing, idle time, websites visited, data transferred or copied, USB devices connected, these are also a first of their kind, Made in India solution and it can also be used to monitor the productivity of an employee, vendor or outsource partner as well. This acts as a testament which highlights the versatility of the solution offered by the company and the unique value proposition it offers.

The company believes that all data thefts have a master mind behind them intentional or non-intentional. Every organization must need to implement CEMCS in order to prevent data leakage, identify open holes, detect & prevent insider threats & improve user productivity

Kriptone understands that every organization, every department, and every group have different compliance and security needs, hence its solution is highly customizable, policy driven and adaptable to the needs of the organizations. The company also doesn’t believe in a one size fits all approach and prioritizes offering customer-centric services, which has been a primary catalyst in accelerating the growth of the company.

Backing from a Strong Team of Experts
Having the right team is important to ensure sustained success of an organization and over the years, Kriptone has been able to assemble a team of experts who believe in constant innovation and consistent improvement. Adding more about the team behind the company, Prasant says, “We as a team are proud of the consistent investment in effort and time we have put in building our solution and the fact that it is performing well in the market motivates us to continue innovating and improving. Currently, there is no competitor available for such an offering or expertise as we carry. We have got a great team who give their all in-order to achieve our organizational objectives and me myself has the experience of working with a multitude of security providers based out of India. When I started the company, my objective was to build an offering with a unique vision to provide affordable, comprehensive, world-class Data Security solution. When it came to building my team, I focused on acquiring individuals who are experts in their own domains and then guided them to achieve our vision and goals”. Prasant was able to instill his passion for excellence on his team and this has helped Kriptone to develop into trail blazers in the industry.

Kriptone has been working with many different industries including banking, insurance, manufacturing, pharma, ITES who are using its product/solution, in India as well as in many East African countries. Since the company’s offering is a comprehensive security solution, demand and adoption of the solution is very high as well as fast. The market has loved the concept of having one product to address many security challenges and this coupled with its unique features has helped Kriptone to gain a competitive edge in the market. Going forward, Kriptone is planning to go worldwide and open sales as well as support offices in Africa, Dubai, the UK and the US, where the solution has very high demand. The company would also like to have its physical presence in each of the country to expand its wings. For Prasant, his aspirations from day one was to provide the best solution & support to the customers and continuously learn and grow. Evolving with the changing times, he also aspires to lead the company to greater heights and become the epitome of quality, customer-centricity and innovation in the industry.