Krishika: Sacred River Agri Technologies

Anshumali Dwivedi,Founder& MDIndia, being an agricultural economy, has been continually organizing and modernizing the Indian Agri Sector. The Next Gen farmers have become more skilled now and understand the benefits of expert guidance in the field of farming. Rural India has enormous potential for tech-based products and services. Some of the common instances of such AgriTech development are precision farming with soil testing-based decisions, digitization of agriculture retailing, drones as crop health trackers, IoT-based sensors for field data collection, and vertical farming.

A Noida, UP-based start up, Sacred River Agri Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is especially benefitting small and marginal farmers in North India, through the use of high-quality farm inputs and offering free expert guidance that would not only increase the farm productivity but also improve their livelihood. 'Krishika' provides full guidance on crops through their IVR enabled cloud based helpline.

Krishika Kisaan Saarathi
Krishika has pioneered a unique model of assisted e-commerce wherein a farmer representative is appointed as a Kisaan Saarathi, covering a cluster of 4-5 villages, which gives the company a hyperlocal presence. The Kisaan Saarathi accrues the demand on behalf of the farmers on a mobile app and acts as a micro-entrepreneur. The
unique perceived benefit of Kisaan Saarathi is its scalability on a low-cost basis and its impact at the grassroots level. Ensuring expert guidance at hyperlocal level bundled with the assisted e-commerce model.

Krishika Kisaan Marts
The company operates marts with a comprehensive range of high quality Agri inputs. Farmers are always welcomed with a hot cup of tea and can chat with Krishika's qualified and trained Agronomists. Farmers are also guided about additional services such as pest management, advance weather updates, credit, and insurance services, etc.

Krishika E-Marts ­ Nextgen Rural E-Commerce
The Krishika Kisaan e-Mart app, assisted e-commerce solution, issued to the Kisaan Saarathi's to carry out surveys and accumulate orders on behalf of farmers. The Krishika network then processes and delivers these bulk orders to the farmers. The company is planning to scale-up the e-Mart app for onboarding nearly 150 local micro-entrepreneurs, and each e-Mart will have the ability to impact roughly 2000 farmer families. The Krishika Network has its e-Mart app, ERP, and CRM software intertwined for data analytics like farmers' demand prediction and consumption patterns, risk profiling, etc.

`Krishika', is transforming the Indian agriculture sector with its readily available expert guidance on crop lifecycle management, quality agri inputs, and its free of charge kisaan helpline

Krishika is expanding and each of their centres will directly impact more than 5000 farmer families, by using both physical and digital technologies.

Anshumali Dwivedi, Krishika's Founder and MD, is an alumnus of IIFT, New Delhi, and a passionate AgriTech enthusiast and investor. He is the former CEO of Port of Algoma in Canada, and has held various senior positions with big corporates in India and North America. His vision of incorporating technology into farming and improving the livelihoods of farmers has resulted in the creation of Krishika. Krishika has a team of highly educated and experienced agri-professionals for farmers' guidance.

Krishika is expanding aggressively in North India, especially UP, to fulfil the increasing demand from the farmers. The company will be introducing a Data-rich AI-based platform for better demand prediction and studying farmer behavior to create products linked to Agri-credit and Agri-insurance.