Kustomind Design: Customizing Your Needs!

Vaibhav Pandit,Managing Partner

Vaibhav Pandit

Managing Partner

As with the developments being made in infra-structure and automotive sector, there has been a significant rise in the demand for engineering services as well. India being the world's eighth largest consumer and 12th largest producer of machine tools globally, the engineering service startup system is currently exhibiting a plethora of opportunities for budding entrepreneurs. Realizing the potential presented by this market, Vaibhav Pandit decided to invest in the domain with his entrepreneurial project-Kustomind Design. A product design and Engineering service provider company, Kustomind Design is a partner company of Clampstudio, Castel Bolognese, Italy. "Having worked with Indian industries for a long time, I could forsee the tremendous scope of improvement in product engineering for heavy machinery. On the other side, Italy being the pioneer country for global engineering developments for heavy machinery, we decided to work on this existing Demand & Supply formula for Asian Market and joined hands to launch an Engineering Design Centre," says Vaibhav Pandit, Managing Partner, Kustomind Design.

Having machine design specialization from the heartland of engineering excellence, Italy,
Kustomind Design is assisting OEMs in developing their Gennext products or upgrade their existing product range by providing latest technology solution through its deep knowledge in engineering mechanization and manufacturing. At present, it offers a wide array of services ranging from industrial product Bench marking, Industrial styling, Engineering layout, Conceptual design, Hydraulic and power train design and installation, Structure validation and optimization through Finite element analysis, Prototype validation and technical literature making. To ensure a quality delivery of the services, they also have a specialist team for different segments with different divisions within the same industry team to cater to specific systems. Further more, it is constantly updating its service portfolio with the latest technologies and implementing the same in its machines.

Kustomind Design is constantly updating its service portfolio with the latest technologies and implementing the same in its machines

"Our main objective was to import engineering skills & expertise from Italy and utilize them for Indian Equipment manufacturers to upgrade and enhance their existing product range with latest technologies and state-of-the-art engineering practices. We believe, this in-turn would help Indian Construction, Agriculture, Mining and any other off highway vehicles to grow rapidly," he adds.

Backed by an Indo-Italian team of highly experienced and creative individual engineers, the company does not hesitate to go an extra mile to fulfil the requirements of its clients. Since the start of the company's operations in 2014, Kustomind Deisgn has grown tremendously and has managed to establish a strong foothold for itself in the market. Working with clients in India, China and Turkey, the company is working with a view to set up a global engineering design centre in India from where it will cater to the needs of the engineering companies across the world. "As there are tremendous opportunities for engineering development across the world, we are planning to step up our game and enter different markets globally to become a reliable name for engineering services," he concludes.