Lauriko: Bringing a New Wave in Nutraceutical Industry

Lavanya Sunkari, Founder & CEO

Lavanya Sunkari

Founder & CEO

With time, many new divisions in organic products have emerged and nutraceutical segment is the one which is currently in the limelight. The increased awareness in the population about the advantages of Nutraceutical products especially after the pandemic has generated large scale demand for these products. But increased demand also calls for increased productivity resulting in acute competition in the market. It is the uniqueness in products that ultimately drives the mind-set of a consumer which is why there was a need for exclusive product manufacturers to enter the domain. This is the reason why Lauriko came into being in 2020

The essence of Lauriko products is unique in itself as the core substance used is lauric acid which is a difficult find. This substance is present in mother’s milk and coconut and it is the most important factor that develops proper immune system in a baby. The products go by the brand name of Laurik. “Lauric acid being the core ingredient in our product has helped us differentiate ourselves in the market. We are the first company in the nutraceutical segment which has used this substance to produce edible shots for various kinds of problems faced by the modern generation. The products that we currently manufacture cover areas like skin care, hair care, Focus, Sleep and Gut. We want to spread the awareness about the goodness in our product by making people understand about the product and educate them on its benefits”, says Lavanya Sunkari, Founder & CEO, Lauriko.

Foundation Story
Since a very early age of 12, Lavanya was interested in taking up entrepreneurship as a career and she constantly gave efforts to fulfil her dream. It was only in the age of 17 that she started working in the sales and marketing while still pursuing her education. However, that wasn’t a great success but it was understood that the zeal to become someone is very much present in her. Eventually, she completed her education and as of today, Lavanya is a proud entrepreneur with more than 14 years of experience in different MNCs in various capabilities primarily related to marketing and strategy. It was after extended experience in MNCs that Lavanya started out as an entrepreneur with her subscription commerce startup. This experience gave her the knowledge of the complete life cycle of a startup that acted as a much needed asset for her.

Added to these, Lavanya was also very much interested in nutrition and has completed certification from prestigious establishments
such as Stanford and American Council of Exercise on Nutrition. Carrying along with the experimentations about how to lead a healthy lifestyle, Lavanya took up Satvik diet and in the process discovered that coconut is one of the key ingredients in that. With further research, she came to know that it is the presence of lauric acid that makes coconut so important for a healthy lifestyle. It was then that the idea for Lauriko struck her mind. It was in 2020 that she along with her co-founder Archana Chindam assembled a team of four scientists and started formulating products that now go by the brand name of Laurik. “We launched our product in April, 2022. Nearly 18-24 months we have taken just to develop our formulations for various problems in personal health. Nearly 24 formulations we developed, 8 formulations processed for patents”, mentions Lavanya Sunkari.

Lauric acid being the core ingredient in our product has helped us differentiate ourselves in the market

Eyes On Excellence
Laurik is the only brand in the world that is using lauric acid as the core material for production. The idea here is to produce such a product which will have a bigger absorption rate and greater advantages to the human body. Apart from lauric acid, the company uses 26 other ingredients that are completely natural. They are strictly devoid of heavy metals and pesticides and the company has appropriately taken care of that. Lauriko is the second nutraceutical company in India to get a Clean Label certification from the US. The products have passed more than 300 contamination tests and only after that were provided with the certification. This certification has helped the company establish business in India and apply for the patent for their products.

The company wants to make people aware of the fact that personal health is one of the primary sources for inner happiness of life. “It always matters what we consume on a daily basis. When something is taken in edible form, the absorption rate of the nutrients increases by 60 percent. It is exactly what happens in case of Laurik products. Owing to the edible factor in the coconut shots, the nutrients in the shot get absorbed by the body faster. With continuous usage, an individual can see results in less than three months. But they have to under¬stand that it should turn into a habit to keep taking them to get satisfactory results combined with good diet and moderate exercise”, says Lavanya.

Looking At The Future
The journey of Laurik started in 2020 but it was only in April, 2022 that it could start off with business. In a month, the company website has gained more than 38 thousand unique visitors and many enquiries are under process. The sales have also been good as they have started getting orders already, seen growth of 200% month on month. According to the founder, it is the very uniqueness in Laurik products that they need to make everyone understand. The business aspect is primary to her but it is the inner experience and knowledge that she wants to spread across with the products. The team of scientists have given continuous efforts in developing all the products and have been in contact with the US regulatory bodies for how to create a product that adheres to all the guidelines need to get the Clean Label certification until the company finally received it.

Lauriko has applied for a total of 8patents for the products and have also got the needed certifications from the Indian authorities. “As our formulations and the product hold Clean Label certification from the US, we want to not only spread business across India, but also cater to the global demand as well. Our target category of people is between 22-40 years that are facing the most number of lifestyle problems currently. We are helping them with the information in our social media community how can they improve their lifestyle habits with small changes along with Laurik shots. We are aiming at helping millennials around the globe within three years,” concludes Lavanya.