Quoqo: On a Mission to Excel as a One-Stop Shop for Legal Process Automation

 Chetan Nagendra,   Founder & CEO

Chetan Nagendra

Founder & CEO

India possesses the second-largest quantity of legally established startups. The current valuation of the legal services market in India stands at $1.3 billion, with a concurrent presence of 650 legal tech startups in the country. The growth of this sector can be attributed to several factors, including the increasing demand for legal services that are more efficient and transparent, as well as the need for improved accessibility and affordability of such services. Upon examining the expansion of the industry, numerous enterprises have surfaced offering auspicious services. Setting new benchmarks with its offerings, Quoqo is a pioneering company in the field of AI-assisted legal infrastructure. It is recognised as one of the leading companies that effectively utilises generative algorithms and large language models to offer comprehensive solutions for businesses' contractual needs.

Customers in this sector face a wide range of problems like quality services at affordable prices, and issues related to efficiency and timely services. “We empower customers by allowing them to complete their legal obligations in a single platform with maximum promptness, effectiveness, and efficiency. Quoqo maintains its competitive advantage through four key elements: Advanced LLM models, team’s extensive
legal knowledge, a speedy idea-to-product strategy, tailored solutions for customers' specific needs, and a commitment to using cutting-edge technologies. Quoqo uses advanced AI technology to streamline legal procedures for clients, reducing response times and improving efficiency”, says Dr.Gurunath Sharma, COO at Quoqo.

Quoqo is known for its well-known services in the legal field. “We offer a suite of products and solutions for a company’s legal and contractual requirements. Our products include contract signing, AI-assisted contract drafting, contract management solutions, contract review and analysis, document repository, storage and management. Quoqo has also developed a product to support contract diligence and mergers and acquisition transactions. Quoqo offers a range of products, including QCM (end-to-end contract management), QNDA (NDA review), Q-Legacy (legal repository and obligation management), Q-Sign (advanced signing), Q-Diligence (AI driven contract review and due diligence), and QM&A (mergers and acquisitions). We prioritise customer requirements and dynamically upgrade our products to meet their needs”, speaks Chetan Nagendra, Founder & CEO.

Quoqo uses advanced AI technology to streamline legal procedures for clients, reduces response time & improves efficiency

The company is the brainchild of Chetan Nagendra, who possesses over two decades of experience and has previously worked with Tier 1 law firms, headed the India desk at Harneys and served as the Associate General Counsel at Facebook. Quoqo’s team comprises of highly skilled and experienced engineers, lawyers and data scientists. The company encountered a range of challenges initially, but through the collaborative efforts of its members and advisors, it successfully surmounted them.

Future Roadmap
This year, Quoqo plans to grow and increase its market share by releasing new products, converting leads into customers, and recruiting and retaining top talent internally. Maintaining a competitive edge and responding to shifting market demands are top priorities for the company. The company's mission is to serve as a central hub for any legal requirements that may arise in the course of doing business. The company is experiencing rapid expansion right now, and its leaders want to make sure they take advantage of all the opportunities presented by the market and the changing preferences of their customers.