LimeTray: A Complete Restaurant Management System

Akhilesh Bali ,Co-Founders

Akhilesh Bali, Founder

“If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.”

Well something is always broken, and you don’t know what it is yet. That’s the truth. When you work with this mindset every day, you anticipate more and therefore build better products. Good products that are impeccably designed, win more often than not. LimeTray, a one-stop shop for everything a restaurant needs to grow, right from the technology, to data-driven consulting services, stands by the value that it delivers to its clients across the world.

Today, if you look at the restaurant technology ecosystem globally, very few companies are taking on the whole challenge. The big players care only about scale while the industry undergoes a massive shift in the way the things work. Front of house, supply chains and the levers in between are back on the drawing board. However, at LimeTray they are looking at the whole picture comprehensively, end-to-end.

“Weare building everything a restaurant would need to succeed in the modern context. That gives us a unique ability to hand back power to the restaurants. It’s a David vs. Goliath thing really,” asserts Akhilesh Bali, Founder, LimeTray, an experienced
internet entrepreneur, who has built two ventures from grounds-up–MithaiMate & FoodPanda.

Eat Your Competition for Lunch
It is becoming increasingly difficult for food businesses to be profitable. The big aggregators and their commissions are not making it easy for anyone. “Look at what happened in Kerala a few weeks back, where the Kerala Hotel and Restaurants Association(KHRA) decided to cross swords with food delivery apps. Or the boycott happening in Ahmedabad, as we speak. Nevertheless, they have great products that resonate with customers, and this is the reason they are widely adopted. What if every restaurant could give the same experience to their customers?” questions Piyush Jain.

" LimeTray has served 3500+ clients till date which allows them to anticipate problems and build for specific conditions, and use cases."

“The other big idea is data,”answers Akhilesh. Restaurants today sit on piles of unstructured data that cannot be put to work. The team sees this as an unexplored opportunity,where they have built products that let restaurant’s get better visibility of their business. “When you have products that gather data from all important touch-points, it becomes that much more meaningful,” he adds.

The Journey of Transforming Restaurants
The Last five years have been very challenging & rewarding for LimeTray. Initially, it was difficult for them to convince restaurants to invest in technology, as the only
existing technology in the space was the billing system.

From getting direct online customers (Websites, Customizable mobile apps, Online ordering)to simplifying operations (POS, Order management) and retaining customers(CRM, Loyalty, feedback), LimeTray solves for the most pressing challenges restaurants face daily. As they have products across touch points, the company manages to collect valuable customer data. All they have to do then is to slice, dice and visualize, and give restaurant owners the ability to make data-driven decisions.

“We have helped a lot of restaurants create customized and branded loyalty programs that are tier-based and reward-people-based on how they purchase. That drives up the average basket size per order and repeats purchase frequency. All of this to ultimately make our clients more profitable,”says Akhilesh, “Which is why we partner across the spectrum with a lot of them. Yeah, it’s pretty neat actually,” he laughs.

Growth is the Way Forward!
Delighting its clients in every way possible, LimeTray has fine-tuned to the real-time challenges of a restaurant. And has served 3500+ clients till date, which allows them to anticipate problems and build for specific conditions, and use cases. Growing healthily YoY, the company is in good shape for everything that is ahead of them.

Optimistic about the future of LimeTray, Piyush concludes “The formula is simple, isn’t it? Great design, granular features, and excellent customer service! Also, we are exploring newer markets as we speak.”