Listerr: A unique Indian online Marketplace giving a boost to Digital India.

Rajat Jain, Co-founder ,Naman Jain, Founder

CA Himanshu Kumawat, Sr. Manager

Naman Jain, CEO & Co-Founder, Rajat Jain, CFO & Co-Founder

The B2B2C market in India is digitizing at a rapid pace. There are more than three crore vendors including both with and without GST registration in lookout for platforms that can assist them in reaching their potential customers and grow their businesses better. This need is further going to fuel the market of emerging digital platforms and assist India to adopt innovative technology- powered platforms with agility. Moreover, the new normal has made the masses realize the significance of leveraging online options for day-to-day shopping contributing to the rapid growth of the online marketplace.

Listerr, a B2B2C marketplace with a hyper local delivery solution, speculates huge opportunities in the arena and thus offers local vendors the opportunity to sell efficiently on their state-of-the-art local vendor aggregator platform. 'We are a delivery solution offering every facility for the B2B2C marketplace powered by supply chain innovation 2.0 and payment solution'', says Rajat Jain, Co-founder, Listerr.

Listerr offers its cutting-edge platform to local manufacturers, wholesalers, dealers or distributors and empowers them to sell their products with a wide range of innovative ways on their application. Listerr also provides a unique consumer experience, by its list-making and photo order feature,
powered by deep technologies like AL and ML. Founded by Naman Jain and his cousin brother Rajat Jain, it is a zero-commission based market space which solidifies the market growth. Its highly experienced teammates Rahil, Nitin, Deepak, Harshpreet, Jason, and others believe that innovation and design of the product can change the daily shopping experience among consumers and thus works towards the same.

Listerr works with the aim to assist businesses with GST registration and otherwise to reach their potential in terms of business returns by offering products to the right customers. It allows businesses to make their own stores on the application, list hundreds of their products and reach out to the buyers with just a click. 'We offer direct payment facilities too that allow buyers to directly pay the vendor and purchase products. We are not an eCommerce aggregator but we offer top-notch delivery solutions for our listers', says Naman Jain, Founder, Listerr.

We are not an eCommerce aggregator but we offer top-notch delivery solutions for our listers

The main motive of the organization is to encourage and connect the local sellers with the customers. The two main features of it include the ability of any buyer to directly buy from the homepage and select any store of their choice to buy any product. In addition to that, on the vendor side, Listerr only charges 500 rupees a month to build a store on the platform making it one of the most suitable online platforms for vendors to sell their products on.

Listerr is currently operating in Jodhpur, Jaipur, and Navi Mumbai. With 500 active vendors onboard and 10000 products for 4000+ users the organization plans to grow and expand more in the future. The expansion model will include a distributed format with partners and franchisees spread across cities and towns where they will monitor delivery plans in the area and connect local vendors to Listerr's app. The franchise owners will be responsible for delivery monitoring, managing and onboarding the retailers.

It is currently working towards enhancing the user experience on their platform and strategizing effective ways to position their brand in the market with high impact. It is endeavouring to add fintech product solutions such as saving wallets for getting cash backs on its application and tap more than 1.5 million stores in India after standardizing the delivery solution. ‘With our new-age approach to digitizing the retail market in India, in the next three to four months we are eyeing at increasing orders on the application by 10 times,’ concludes Naman Jain, Founder, Listerr.