LivNSense: Offering Industrial IoT Platform with Scalability for Manufacturing Industries

Priyanka,Founder & Director


Founder & Director

The global industrial IoT platform market size is expected to grow from USD 6.0 billion in 2020 to USD 13.7 billion in 2026, at a CAGR of 14.8 percent. The major driving factors for the growth in this space are the increasing need for centralized monitoring, process automation in manufacturing industries and cost-optimized intelligent devices and sensors. The industries such as pharmaceuticals and construction or any other commercial industry which involve continuous process manufacturing run with the potential possibility to end up with fatal batch having adverse impact on health while workers’ safety in plants is needed to be ensured.

This is where LivNSense set its footprint to bring in an industrial IoT platform with digital twins, iSense4i™ in order to transform process industries with standard OT or electronic systems into a cognitive living equipment. The evolved machinery that LivNSense brings to the table is designed to reduce operational cost and improve safety measures for workers while paying special attention to decreasing energy consumption and carbon footprint. A Bangalore based industrial IoT solution provider, LivNSense focuses on innovation with ‘safety first’ approach to solve complex business problems by process optimization and maximization of revenue that is considered to be economically viable for manufacturing industries.

Array of Solutions
LivNSense’s AI and IoT led digital twin platform, iSensei™ enables batch and streaming data with a plug-in-based messaging layer and robust data crunching capabilities. The system governs engine to customized data and deliver effective insights for the user industry. iSensei™ combines AI vision based mechanism with sensors that can solve complex business problems along with cost optimization, analysing economic impact of existing and predicated operational occurrences. LivNSense also enables the consumer industry to avail on premise and hybrid cloud-agnostic platform. They provide industries such as refinery, oil & gas, petrochemical and pharmaceutical with AI based monitoring of plant performance, predictive maintenance of furnaces, deeper analysis for asset reliability and performance and benchmarking to generate improvement. Their IP led end-to-end smart welding management solution named Weldsense for OEMs, fabrications and manufacturing units provides wholesome record for entire value chain from sensor to end result for welding equipment.

Avnish Kumar, CEO - Founder
Mr. Avnish, CEO of LivNSense adds, “Most of the manufacturing industries I am interacting with, including the large ones think software is free. The prevalent mindset needs to be change with coherent understanding of cost and startup interest. And to a certain extent, it is also the startups who have affected with the stereotypical notion of free POCs. The first thing we should do is to make this space realize to pay for the pilots and POCs as they come at certain expense. I think that it is a very important message for all the players of manufacturing segment to build a more effective startup ecosystem with better business culture”.

Future Roadmap
Mr. Avnish further adds, “Our core focus is going to be growing the company and we are looking at this year to move our headquarters to US. We are going to invest in the development of our infrastructure as well. Also, the US is going to pass the bill for carbon reduction and net zero emission. Both will be quite significant impact for us in terms of business acceleration. And apart from US, we are going to focus on APEC market, Europe and Middle East in the following year. So, this is what our plan of action is”.