lOVR: Merging Imagination & Innovation For The Creation Of The Unknown

Anokhi Shah ,Founder & Director

Anokhi Shah

Founder & Director

The virtual and augmented reality industry was worth $14.84 billion in 2020, and it is expected to grow to $454.73 billion by 2030, at a CAGR of 40.7 percent. The thriving gaming sector, expanding use of AR and VR across healthcare, commerce, entertainment, media, and various other sectors, and growing adoption of the internet are the main forces behind the growth of the AR and VR business.

IOVR is an Interdisciplinary Design Research studio that is formed on the concept of technology innovation mingling with contemporary media storytelling. A relatively young studio, IOVR specializes in immersive narratives. Whether it's via virtual reality exhibitions and convention metaverses or augmented reality applications for businesses in a variety of industries.

Since its inception, IOVR has delivered various projects created using metaverse/AR/VR, focused on mental well-being, gaming, art, and architecture to clients both domestic and foreign. In doing so, the team has built a specialization in building aesthetically captivating and immersive worlds. With a massive and strong network of individuals and teams bringing specialized skills across domains including narrative development, social impact, STEM, and humancentric design, the company is able to bring a life-like experience to the clients and audiences. “At the core of our approach are the concepts of play and transdisciplinarity: we look at everything from storytelling, characters, interactions, style, intention, and outcomes.
We believe that immersive universes built with AR/VR technology are the future of storytelling, branding, and online events. And we are here to make that future a reality. We are one of the few women-led teams at this niche intersection of art and technology and one of the very few Indian Metaverse- AR and VR organizations. We have a strong focus on aesthetics and artistic expression with precise attention to detail”, shares Anokhi Shah, Founder and Director, IOVR. IOVR’s uniqueness lies in their identification of themselves as storytellers rather than simply a technical company. As storytellers with cutting-edge AR/VR solutions driven by innovation and imagination, IOVR directly fulfills the curiosity and motivations of the audiences.

For instance, upon Kosa Wellbeings’ presentation of a challenge for developing a wellness narrative, IOVR conjured up all knowledge of environmental storytelling, delivering a 5-minute microdose of catharsis through an immersive VR experience - the VR Bath. This narrative was installed in a public space at a wellness market.

The company excels at creating breathtaking worlds which were leveraged in the creation of this experience. Taking up a detail-oriented approach, designing richly conceptualized worlds to enable audiences to interact with; the company integrates photogrammetry, a multi-sensory experience including tactile objects, soundscapes, and more, and interactive elements including characters and avatars to create a strong narrative.

IOVR’s uniqueness lies in their identification of themselves as immersive storytellers rather than simply a technical company

Future Roadmap
Founded by Anokhi Shah, IOVR has come a long way in a short time overcoming humongous challenges like lack of awareness. Anokhi’s expertise and sheer passion for creating virtual worlds and storytelling led her to found IOVR. Today, the team has established a significant recognition for itself by curating worlds and narratives that are unimaginable to others.

“Our team has a balance of creative, technical, and business-focused professionals, all working together to create innovative and engaging experiences within the metaverse. We utilize advanced design tools and software, 3D modeling, and rendering software, as well as advanced programming techniques to create responsive worlds and an engaging experience”, further shares Anokhi.

The company’s future goals are centered on expanding the portfolio of services to include AI integration technologies into virtual environments, powered by ML algorithms to create a safer space to explore. The firm also plans on scaling processes and teams to continue serving clients with enhanced capabilities.