Ludo Fantasy: Play the Game with Real-Time Players and Earn Real-Time Money

Vivek Siddharth, FounderGone are the days when the mobile apps and internet had not spread their wings and not invaded the lives of the individuals, playing board games with family and friends was a preferred pastime for several. One such strategy board game that overwhelms the lives of individuals from all the generations was Ludo. Racing the tokens from start to finish to the roll of a single die, this game brought individuals together from all walks of life. But as the wheel of time gradually advanced and the era of technological innovations coupled with groundbreaking inventions in the field of entertainment dawned upon us, the game lost all its gleam. As history repeats itself, once again, Ludo made an amazing bounce back as one of the favorite gaming apps, witnessing millions of downloads each day that outstripped geographical boundaries. Spotting this potential, Vivek Siddharth(Founder) and Sonal Agarwal(Co-Founder) claimed a portion of the flourishing eSports industry with their brainchild `Ludo Fantasy' a userfriendly gaming app that gives realtime players a chance to earn real money and offers instant withdrawals. Ludo Fantasy, made by VIVSON Games Pvt. Ltd. is currently India's well known real money online game and was launched in April 2019. It is the most interesting game, and players play it with
their family, friends, relatives, and online friends.

Vivek and Sonal firmly believe that challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. Thus, with an unshakable belief in themselves, the duo moved beyond all the challenges and created uniqueness, fairness, and transparency in the 100 percent safe and secure Ludo Fantasy app. The app stands out from the crowd because of its 24x7 dedicated customer and technical support where the query of every individual participating is attended personally. It serves an audience that ranges from lower income to higher income players, and the waiting time for each player is two minutes. The real money league is played every day from Monday to Friday between 6 am to 12 noon, and 5 pm to 1 am, and from 6 am to 1 am on Saturday and Sunday.

Ludo Fantasy is userfriendly gaming app that gives realtime players a chance to earn realtime money and offers instant Withdrawals

The bootstrapped company managed by a professional management team motivate its users to play more games by giving them bonuses, gifts, Ludo t-shirts, and more. It has also tiedup with a few payment gateway companies to offer more benefits to its users. The team does not focus on downloads but also on individual users to play more games. Therefore, the six month old company, which started with just five players has fueled an obsession in India that now involves 35,000 players."I have been so blessed to have my uncle Ashutosh Kumar Sinha as my mentor. He has a strong understanding of the industry. His support and guidance have helped me to start my venture and reach my goals. I discuss everything with him before taking any business decisions,"says Vivek.

Vivek and his team is working hard to bring a revolution in the industry by launching a few more exciting unique Ludo games so that the players will not get bored and have a great experience while playing. Currently, the app has one on one and four players games, therefore, it is planning to add a three players game, short Ludo games, and more features. The team is also looking to create events in multiple cities and distribute gifts including caps, bags, and more. Ludo Fantasy which is widely used across panIndia envisions expanding its reach globally.